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Light is essential to balance and control our circadian rhythm

In the absence of natural light our circadian rhythm can become out of sync and we feel fatigued, listless and, at worst, depressed

LUCTRA is the first biologically effective LED lighting range that closely replicates natural daylight. Daylight ensures that we sleep well, feel rested and are productive during the day.

However, in our busy lives, we rarely spend a lot of time outdoors and do not expose ourselves to enough natural daylight.

Even seemingly brightly lit interiors are often dark from a biological point of view and are unable to control our inner clock. Biologically effective artificial light is able to remedy this deficit and stabilize our biorhythm. Targeted changes in the light’s color during the day enhance our well-being and consequently improve our performance.

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Each person has an individual biological rhythm. The more closely our daily routine follows this rhythm, the better we feel and the better we perform. Daylight is the signal generator that synchronizes our inner rhythm with the natural course of the day.

LUCTRA is the first biologically effective LED lighting range that closely replicates natural daylight to support well-being and performance in the workplace in a targeted and effective way.

The biological effectiveness of the light from LUCTRA LED office lamps on the human body’s circadian rhythm has been demonstrated in a clinical study led by PD Dr. Dieter Kunz. It is the first workplace lamp to have evidence of such proven capabilities. Four high-performance LEDs are powered for up to four hours via an integrated battery.

Cold white and warm white LEDs with an illuminance of up to 1,000 lux and extremely even light distribution ensure that the color and intensity of light closely replicate daylight.

This enhances human well-being and supports productive work. The rubberized protective sleeve is height adjustable to ensure stability and security in all positions.


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