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The Magic of Colour celebrates 10 years of ceramics creative exploration

In recognition of their ten-year collaboration with the Barber and Osgerby studio, Mutina proudly designates this unique moment as a noteworthy milestone

The Magic of Colour serves as the platform for unveiling three thrilling projects: a new edition of the historic Mews collection, enriched with three unprecedented colours; a new surface collection, Time; and a brand new Edition, Rivington Tables.

If you’re not acquainted with the brand yet, Mutina is an Italian ceramics company working to redefine our perception of ceramic materials. It’s no longer merely about using ceramics as a floor or wall covering; instead, it’s about treating ceramics as a standalone interior design venture.

The first encounter between Mutina and Barber and Osgerby took place in a charming Milanese bar, sparking the inception of a wonderful working partnership and friendship that endures to this very day.

© The Magic of Colour – Mutina

Ever since the establishment of their studio, Barber and Osgerby have consistently centered their approach around innovation and a curious exploration of color and its material dimensions. Their interdisciplinary approach has empowered them to push the traditional boundaries between industrial design and architecture, all while maintaining a sharp focus on the nuances of the manufacturing process. This, in turn, ignites both formal and conceptual innovation in their work.

By harnessing their respective strengths, the collaborations with Mutina have expanded the horizons of their exploration into the realm of ceramics. In doing so, they’ve boldly questioned the conventional norms associated with scale, texture, and composition within this material.

We’ve always been captivated by the production process, be it crafted by hand or generated by machines, and we firmly believe that there’s no reason why specific materials, products, or structures cannot coexist harmoniously in both contemporary and traditional settings.” say Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Rivington Table
© The Magic of Colour – Mutina

The upcoming collections will make their official debut at Spazio Mutina this month, with the opening night aptly named “The Magic of Colour” on the 25th. This special occasion is meticulously crafted to commemorate the vibrant expedition into the world of color.

Here, a brief introduction to the new launches.

Mews, three unprecedented colours

Introduced officially in 2013, Mews, named after the charming narrow alleys in London’s historic center renowned for their unique and picturesque charm, marked the inaugural surface collection by Barber Osgerby for Mutina.

Drawing inspiration from the urban landscape, history, and textures of the English capital, the designers captured the irregular geometric patterns found in brick walls and timber floors. As part of The Magic of Colour event, the Mews palette has been expanded with three fresh hues: Green, Light Blue, and Pink.

The Magic of Colours _ Mutina + Barber and Osgerby _ ceramic company
© The Magic of Colour – Mutina

Time, a new surface collection

The creation of Time was inspired by the need to honor a decade of partnership between Mutina and Barber and Osgerby, celebrated with The Magic of Colour event. This collection represents an investigation into the natural weathering phenomena, wherein the repetitive actions of water and wind gradually wear down and refine surfaces, sculpting landscapes and transforming rugged elements into elegant forms.

The collection is meticulously fashioned from unglazed porcelain stoneware, ensuring its versatility for both indoor and outdoor use. Its design allows for the arrangement of modules in a diverse range of colors, finishes, and sizes, offering extensive possibilities for a wide array of compositional combinations.

The Magic of Colours _ Mutina + Barber and Osgerby _ ceramic company
© The Magic of Colour – Mutina

Rivington Tables, a brand new Edition

The Edition, masterminded by Barber and Osgerby, takes its name from the Rivington Bar & Grill Restaurant located in London. This restaurant, conveniently located near their studio, soon became a beloved rendezvous point for the Mutina team.

The collection comprises a range of small tables with different dimensions: two of them are designed for wall installation, while the remaining three are freestanding tables available in various heights. These tables are produced using the casting technique and adorned with colourful glazes.

Rivington Table _ Claudia Zalla - The Magic of Colours _ Mutina + Barber and Osgerby _ ceramic company
© The Magic of Colour – Mutina

The Rivington Tables belong to the Editions collection, a series of ceramic objects painstakingly crafted in Italy by highly skilled master potters, upholding a venerable artisanal heritage. Every item is individually marked and signed, underscoring its unique and exclusive nature.

These are exceptional works of art designed for enduring appeal and destined to grace homes worldwide, one piece at a time.


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