Crafting a creative identity: the intersection of Design and Art in brand positioning

Modulnova introduces the Modulnova Art Project (MAP), a dynamic initiative conceived to wholeheartedly embrace and pay homage to the profound and enchanting realms of Creativity

For its inaugural edition, the Italian Modulnova explores the realm of fine art photography, a medium that captures contemporary life through the lens of those who freeze moments, places, and emotions in time. MAP 2023 spotlights Patrizia Mussa, a Turin-based photographer and anthropologist, in collaboration with Claudio Composti‘s PhotoPastel project and Paola Sosio Contemporary Art Gallery.

MAP by Modulnova - celebrating creativity and beauty
MAP by Modulnova – Photopastel, Teatro Sancarlo (Napoli) – © Patrizia Mussa 2019

Starting from the notion that a brand’s role extends beyond mere production, as it’s tasked with creating a world that resonates with its essence, the company identifies art as a narrative element of its modus operandi. The excellence of its products transforms into a collection of artworks, which are dedicated to celebrating beauty, encompassing both architectural and thematic facets.

Mussa’s series of photographs depict significant Italian architectural landmarks, from theaters to noble palaces to Baroque churches. Through hand coloring, these architectural wonders are transformed into imaginary, timeless spaces where dreams and poetry coexist.

MAP by Modulnova – Photopastel, Reggia Venaria, Galleria di Diana – © Patrizia Mussa 2020

The PhotoPastel series transcends the inherent photographic essence of the initial shot, thanks to the painstaking hand-painted intervention by Patrizia, which reinterprets reality and metamorphoses it into a genuine mental image. These locations evolve into her idealized projection of the architectural landmarks that have left an indelible mark on Italian history, embodying the country’s rich artisanal tradition and aesthetic heritage” says Claudio Composti.

Art inspires, stimulates, and provokes emotions. Design identifies needs, develops ideas, and transforms them into functional solutions. In this era of cultural cross-pollination, art and design blend together, mutually enriching each other in a constant evolution. Companies can become modern-day patrons, reinforcing their role as promoters of culture and beauty.

MAP by Modulnova - celebrating creativity and beauty
MAP by Modulnova – Photopastel, Teatro Italia – © Patrizia Mussa 2020

This dialogue between creative forms lies at the core of MAP by Modulnova, serving as a platform for experimentation, collaboration, the pursuit of new perspectives, and the transmission of values.

I use photography as a means to observe, contemplate, and unveil,” remarks Patrizia Mussa. “In essence, photography serves as a kind of reminder, a record of thoughts, a reflection of one’s time that can be revisited in different ways and at different times. Amidst the chaos of life, I discover a tumultuous peace in the solitude of uncharted places and landscapes. The images I capture bear witness to that suspended moment, expressing my longing for a quiet nostalgia of closeness.


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