This is your new 3D-printed house on Mars: AI SpaceFactory presents Marsha

With a bunch of science fiction to satisfy the interplanetary existence curiosity, New York-based architectural and technology design agency AI SpaceFactory shares a glimpse of possible habitable architecture on mars with its creation, Marsha. This project has also bagged the first place at NASA’S 3D printed habitat challenge

Differently, from previously seen low-lying or half-buried architectural concepts for buildings on Mars, Marsha is envisioned to be a vertical multi-level, corridor-free structure that stands upright on the surface of the planet.

Marsha ai Spacefactory

When it comes to the actual construction of the structures, AI SpaceFactory envisions an autonomous 3D-printing building technique. Marsha is contrived with Martian rock extracted basalt fibre and renewable bio-plastic derived from plants, which can be collected.

The in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) technologies wipe out the complications of transporting materials to Mars from Earth and allow construction to begin without the physical presence of humans on the planet.

Zoom-in view Marsha by AI Spacefactory

Due to Mars’ extreme temperature swings, the Marsha cabin is integrated with a dual shell to protect the inner environment from external forces.

Marsha by AI Space factory Dual Shell

The interior comprises of a garage at the ground level, following an attached joint lab and kitchen on the first level. Separate cabins, sanitary pods and hydroponic garden are located on the third level with a recreational space on top.

Interiors of Marsha by AI Spacefactory
Texture of Marsha by AI Spacefactory
 cabins of Marsha by Spacefactory
Dry station and kitchen of Marsha by AI Spacefactory
Bedroom design Marsha by AI Space factory
Staircase design of Marsha
Nightlight view of Marsha
Recreational room of Marsha
Mars atmosphere and Marsha by AI Space Factory