An eye-opening installation reflecting the ecological price of our data usage

Thijs Biersteker creates MB>CO2 – an extraordinary artistic project skillfully showcasing the impact created by electricity use and data center heat.

Widely known for his artworks that create awareness, ecological artist Thijs Biersteker brilliantly presents an art installation ‘MB>CO2’ – shedding light on the hidden impact generated by electricity usage and data center heat, leading to a baffling 20grams of C02 per 1MB that we utilize.

Amidst the pandemic the increase of data use exploded and so did the emissions that it led to – from endless Netflix binge-watching to Zoom meetings, Crypto-bro-ing and AI algorithms.

“If you realize that a Netflix night takes up to 40 kilos of C02, an average Zoom meeting is equal to 140 meters with a Benzine car and trading your ape stuff NFT costs the planet 400kg of fresh air – then we need to make the shift now towards sustainable AI and data usage” says Biersteker.

© Thijs Biersteker

Visualizing in real-time how data use destroys the planet, in a way that pulls one in – this fascinating installation translates the C02 created into puffs of smoke, showing how one needs to move on to sustainable data usage.

The spectator will see how visitors Zoom into the art installation – their data use is tracked back, carbon footprint is calculated and translated into puffs of C02 that are blown into a living biotope.

This eclectic work crafted by Woven Studio using recycled materials contains – a Material Passport enabling future generations to dismantle and recycle the artwork when the problem of our data usage is solved.

“The rise of online and AI is called the 5th industrial revolution – in my opinion we definitely shouldn’t make the same mistake as in the last one that was powered by pollution” Biersteker adds.

MB>CO2 by Thijs Biersteker
© Thijs Biersteker
MB>CO2  by Thijs Biersteker
© Thijs Biersteker


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