Your everyday earbuds get an exciting new upgrade

Bored Eye presents Bored Buds – one-of-a-kind earbuds embodying an intuitive design with gesture sensitive controls.

Harmoniously blending function with style and imagination as well as focusing on fabricating objects that are anything but boring, Bored Eye innovatively presents ‘Bored Buds’ – one-of-a-kind earbuds seamlessly embodying an intuitive design with gesture sensitive controls.

Brilliantly founded by industrial product designer Liam de la Bedoyere – Bored Eye is a design studio based in Essex, UK and an anagram of Bedoyere. 

“We had been exploring earbuds if designed by Dieter Rams. Everyone knows less is more, but what we wanted from his teachings was to give earbuds a function when they weren’t in your ears. 

What if the earbuds were buttons for a speaker when they aren’t in your ear? – this question sparked and shaped the final design choices for this project” says Bedoyere. 

Bored Buds by Bored Eye
© Bored Eye

Skillfully crafted from titanium and pill-shaped for internal ear comfort – this minimalistic product utilizes high strength, is weightless as well as 100% recyclable.

Its eclectic protective case is a display piece for the buds mimicking buttons on show until wanted. 

With durable, water-resistant materials and magnetic connections, Bedoyere removed the need for a lid and just made the buds sit snug below the surface.

“We wanted to develop a speaker that uses the earbuds when you aren’t on the go whilst still allowing you to enjoy the comforts of sound when you work or relax without getting earbud fatigue. 

You can interact with the speaker utilizing the earbud’s gesture-sensitive controls – making the earbuds still active when not directly in use” Bedoyere adds. 

Lastly, one can further effortlessly pinch the buds out to transfer the sound back to them.

Bored Buds by Bored Eye
© Bored Eye
Bored Buds by Bored Eye
© Bored Eye


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