Microsoft Surfaces are designed for productivity

2019 is been an exciting year for Microsoft. The software and tech company became the third US company to pass a market cap of $1 Trillion Dollars, after Apple and Amazon

The tech giant developed a perfect flow between hardware and software, creating a new series of Microsoft Surface devices that feel neoteric, authentic and productive. Microsoft has also revealed the release of some brand new and exciting surface devices. Two book-like touch-screen devices, the Surface Neo and the Surface Duo.

The first can be compared to a traditional Surface Book except it’s designed for delivering the dynamics and productivity of a double screen device. The Microsoft Surface Neo is the laptop version of its companion, the Surface Duo, a double screen smartphone.

Microsoft Surface

The notorious software and tech company made an exciting choice of choosing to use a unique version of Google’s Android in the Surface Duo, specifically designed to make the most of a double screen device.

Both screens can run different apps simultaneously, allowing the user to make a video call while using a note-taking app, for example. The 360-degree hinge allows the screens to close together and form a protective case or fold back to be used as a palm-held device.

Microsoft Surface

The phone can be switched into landscape mode and used as a keyboard and screen setup like a tiny laptop. To complete the perfect surface setup, Microsoft Surface introduced the brand-new Surface Earbuds.

The wireless audio wearable includes several practical interaction features such as touch control for music or calls. Most remarkably, the Surface Earbuds are able to control Office Suite and become a tool for productivity. Last but not least the Earbuds can instantly translate spoken sentences onto a screen.


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