The countdown for Milano Cortina 2026 begins. Looking forward?

Inspired by the mountainous peaks of northern Italy – Jaekyu Jung of Weekend-Works creates a sustainable Olympics medal.

Comprising a fascinating narrative and clean design, Jaekyu Jung brilliantly fabricates  ‘Weathering’ – a conceptual design for the 2026 Milano Cortina Winter Olympics medal inspired by the Dolomites mountain chains.

© Jaekyu Jung

“With the games being held every four years in different cities it’s a chance for athletes to compete with simply the best in their field of sports from across the globe.

Given the constant training to achieve results – this behavior is very similar to weathering and erosion” says Jung.

Focusing on form, materials and the art of storytelling – this organic and minimalistic object features a dented texture. 

Apart from reflecting the Dolomite Alps uneven terrain that are repeatedly weathered and eroded naturally by external factors – “I tried to emphasize the dented traces that is reminiscent of an athlete’s hardwork and perseverance” he adds.

Milano Cortina Winter Olympics medal by Jaekyu Jung
© Jaekyu Jung

Each gold, silver and bronze medal is extruded by a press and cut as a blank disc before the intricate details are CNC machined along the front as well as the rim of the object with precision. 

To additionally attain a stunning textured finish and feel – hundreds of hammering processes are applied manually to the surface of the medal by skilled artisans with utmost attention.

“This long process is a way of honoring the sheer effort and human hours that go into preparing for the Olympics” says Jung.

Seamlessly completing this one-of-a-kind object – the medals ribbon is crafted sustainably from ocean-bound plastic enhancing the conscious nature of the award.

Milano Cortina Winter Olympics medal by Jaekyu Jung
© Jaekyu Jung
© Jaekyu Jung


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