How dope is MIX LAND, Hangzhou’s lab-inspired streetwear concept store?

When it comes to retail design, every designer questions themselves during the process: how can I carve a spot in the mind of the visitors?

Hangzhou’s streetwear concept store called MIX LAND had a well-thought approach to transform a typical retail store into this ultimate lab experience.

Since the 70s’, streetwear has been progressive statement apparel amongst youth, especially for skaters and surfers. This practical-yet-cool style of clothing is one of the most provoking styles representing the culture on the streets.

Regarding retail design, the Gensler Research Institute says that ‘retail is no longer about products; it’s about the relationship between a brand and its audience,’

Neon tones, being an important part of the street culture is charmingly presented in the trial rooms of MIX LAND

With this philosophy in mind, the firm behind designing the MIX LAND, Xian Xiang design has brought a refreshing idea providing an unusual experience in shopping.

Hangzhou streetwear concept store is more than just another place to sell high-end brand products. The store has several entertaining areas such as art installations, a disassembly corner, a DJ station, and a fascinating wall decor composed by LED screens.

One of the three installations at the entrance giving a laboratory notion at MIX LAND

The products are displayed as collectible art pieces in an exhibition, leaving enough space between one another to observe them and properly appreciate them.

Besides the items, the store continues to arouse curiosity amongst visitors through unique installations. The first one, ‘power extraction’ is a glass and metal cabinet displaying new-in products, as the silver pipe extracts the energy of the yellow light while the transparent box next to it transforms it into a cloud of smoke to dramatize the merchandise inside.

MIX LAND store arousing sense of creativity through mystic fog
The lingering fog is a dramatic addition arousing a sense of creativity and inspiration at MIX LAND

The second one, ‘condensation’ is another glass and metal cabinet filled with blue liquid showcasing the process of condensation adding some chromatic rhythm to the interior with a strong blue.

The third one called ‘operation desk’ showcases the most significant section in labs where the experimental process of disassembling frivolous components and shaping new forms for the products is highlighted.

The shoe cabinets of Hangzhou streetwear concept store – MIX LAND are sterilizing boxes

This corner is the most dramatized area with constant steam flowing around the table gives a mystic spark to create.

Overall, the MIX LAND has numerous laboratory references to be found in all corners, even in the toilets, where the sink is designed with a single sheet of stainless steel omitting rims.


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