Get lost in the mystical purple-shaded world of Skychrome

For more than 20 years Arch Moscow brings together leading international and Russian participants of the international architectural community

Skychrome, an imaginative world within a small-scale box, was introduced by Kashin Architects at Arch Moscow 2019.

Arch Moscow has been an influential event over the past 23 years. The meticulous selection of exhibitors, delicate curatorial work and the comprehensive program has turned a purely business-oriented event into a cultural initiative: 300 participants from more than 15 different countries joined Arch Moscow 2019.

The integration of various cultures makes Arch Moscow one of the best platforms to establish business contacts in the field of architecture, design, development and construction.

Skychrome is a pavilion showcased in Arch Moscow 2019 by Kashin Architects. The idea behind this design is to divulge the audience into an imaginative and abstract world relating to the ideas of Suprematism – an art movement focused on basic geometric forms, painted in a limited range of colors.

The singular color used over the form and geometry of this space is a clear expression of suprematism. Maxim Kashin uses this idea in his works and research to create spaces where one’s perception is twisted and reshaped.

Skychrome purple shade
Skychrome – Strong purple shade emphasizes the geometrical structure while gradients develop on the walls

The dark purple shows superiority over the form of the structure leading towards lighter almost white shade elongated vertically. In addition, the mirrored flooring combined with the bold choice of color gives a mystical effect to the viewer.

The entire pavilion is built within 16 square meters of space. However, the purpose of Skychrome of providing visitors with an immersive experience free from meaning and function in an abstract space is well-served and widely appreciated.


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