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Meta4Space launches NFT collection to help brands enter the Metaverse

Called the Meta Chair Society, the collection and its surrounding network unlocks the mysteries of the Metaverse with exclusive design services.

Following the launch of its exclusive NFT furniture collection, we spoke to 4SPACE founder and design director Firas Alsahin, who shared his thoughts on the value of the Metaverse and why it’s integral for designers to understand this burgeoning part of the industry.

That’s why 4SPACE launched Meta4Space, a Metaverse design department and consultancy for firms wanting to enter the virtual world.

Its goal is to help clients expand their business, helping them make the most of this new territory.

NFT furniture collection by Meta4space _ 4space _ Metaverse design studio

Part of this mission includes the launch of its first NFT furniture collection called the Meta Chair Society, which hopes to bridge the gap between the Metaverse and clients whose experience is very much in the real world.

It includes a 3D model of a chair unique to the client, which can be used within a virtual property, house, showroom or commercial space.

It also serves another, arguably more valuable function in these earlier stages—the chair doubles as a ‘key’ or invitation to access exclusive design services from the firm.

During the launch week, six of the NFT Meta Chair Society chairs were sold, which were traded on OpenSea for 2.9 Ethereum.

NFT furniture collection by Meta4space _ 4space _ Metaverse design studio

Being part of our Meta Chair Society gives users access to design services in both the virtual world and the physical one,” explains Alsahin.

“This includes: off-market real Furniture and space design, access to privileged design services in the Metaverse, the real world, and much more.”

“Once the client purchases the NFT, they will be entitled to the ownership of the chair design, blueprints, 3D model, and detailed drawings, that will allow him to execute the chair to use in a physical space, whether it’s a cafe, retail or commercial space.”

Example of NFT – Furniture design

“The chair will unlock this service that will be given by 4SPACE design, the Architecture wing of Meta4Space. Meanwhile, 4SPACE design will be given the design services support like supervision and design management to execute the chair.”

“Not only that but [this chair] becomes a digital asset —a piece of art that can be sold in the future as a collectible with a financial value when it comes to trading.”

Designers will be able to overlay this style on top of the physical world using Augmented Reality technology or request a copy of the chair to place within a real life space.

“We created a Meta Chair in physical form for a themed cafe in Dubai where 4 of the designs placed inside the cafe engaged customers by envisioning what a cafe on Mars would look like,” says Alsahin.

NFT furniture collection by Meta4space _ 4space _ Metaverse design studio
© META4SPACE – Space Cup Café (Dubai, UAE)

Called Space Cup, the café resembled Mars human settlements. It was designed for a client with a passion for space and Mars missions who wanted to create a unique seating experience that mimicked the feeling of being in a spaceship. 

“For this cafe we designed the first chair and we named it ‘Coffee on Mars’ ; it is the Prime chair that later inspired the whole Meta Chair Collection.

The Futuristic unique Design of Space Cup will be a perfect fit for a virtual space in the Metaverse in the future.”

© META4SPACE – Space Cup Café (Dubai, UAE)

Designing for the Metaverse

The process of creating the Meta Chair starts with a sketch like any other design process,” he explains.

“In this case it’s Gravity Sketch where our expert designers use the VR set to model the chair and add textural details.

“Next, we create renderings using other 3D modelling software such as 3DS and cinema 4D. We deal with each chair as a detailed 3D object without any image editing as we feel it’s important to show the digital craftsmanship that goes tino each design. If you zoom in, you can see the level of detail.”

Example of NFT – Furniture design

“The Meta Chair Society will not be just a virtual project dedicated to computer gurus but a real universe that promises to take over the world before conquering the metaverse,” says Alsahin.

With that said, he already has his eyes set on the future, expanding beyond furniture and curating projects that illustrate their expertise in digital land and architecture.

“Next is our Meta forest (Meta4est), which is our own digital land in the metaverse with its unique architecture and a whole ecosystem which will be accessible to our society,” he explains.

It’s still in development but Alsahin envisions the project being a collaborative endeavour, in which clients hold status, receive support and ultimately influence its future.

The details he can reveal include the possibility of including commercial spaces like showrooms for digital furniture, workspaces and meeting hubs where users can attend events and cultural spaces like art galleries. 

NFT furniture collection by Meta4space _ 4space _ Metaverse design studio
Example of NFT – Art design

“At the heart of this project, our clients are decision-makers as well as shareholders. They will have the right to obtain rewards that are equal to their investment (financial and personal) in this revolutionary project.”

Meta4space has curated a large collection of the chairs already with the aim of creating at least one new chair every month. It is their ambition to sell 4444 chairs in the future and is already seeing venture capital interest in the company. 


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