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Come explore designs historic roots with this fascinating object

Feiz Design Studio skillfully creates the Niloo chair for Dutch furniture company Artifort.

Revolving their research around the archetypical two-part African chair of the Congo region – ‘Niloo’ crafted by Amsterdam-based Feiz Design Studio for Artifort, is a modern reinterpretation of this bringing it into today’s context. 

Interestingly enough, in the 1950’s Artifort blazed the trail of innovation with the Congo and Pinguïn chair fabricated by Theo Ruth – modular objects that were also inspired by this typology. 

Niloo by Khodi Feiz
© Khodi Feiz

Looking at the brand’s history and finding an innovative way forward – “through this product we pay tribute to Artifort’s legacy while setting our sights on the future” says Khodi Feiz, Founder Feiz Design Studio. 

This one-of-a-kind idea of two pieces effortlessly sliding together and interlocking to make a chair – is just as relevant today as it has been for centuries past. 

Offering a modern yet minimalistic aesthetic, this object entirely upholstered in fabric brilliantly weaves together simplicity and colorful hues. 

© Khodi Feiz

Following its predecessor’s footsteps – it applies the same technique that involves separate elements with forked ends seamlessly fitting together, held by gravity. 

With a contemporary design, this eclectic piece of furniture forms a seat that is structurally sound. 

It combines two foam molded parts – one being a composition of a curvaceous back emerging into the front feet and the other being a generous seat turning into the hind leg. 

The great development challenge faced was in crafting an embracing and comfortable product while making sure that it is strong and sturdy. 

“For me – Niloo is all about the synergy of practicality and comfort. When its pieces are slid together – a simple chair emerges, almost iconic in image” Feiz adds. 

Niloo by Khodi Feiz
© Khodi Feiz
© Khodi Feiz


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