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Notes: how to transform the paint industry with a brilliant idea

A boutique Danish company sprouted from the simple observation that the painting process is often over-complicated and design focus

The Notes collection will be featured in the exhibition THIS IS DENMARK hosted at Alcova for the Milan Design Week 2023 

Colour is everywhere in Denmark. Walking around in nature or cities, you may discover a country that shines brightly thanks to its colours and the surrounding sea. Houses, shops, public buildings: tradition dictates that surfaces are subtly painted to suggest an informal and spontaneous approach to life.

It’s no surprise then that a little revolution in the painting industry took place exactly in Copenhagen.

Earl greyish Cute Cumber Shy Dane by Notes - Milan Design Week 2023 - This is Denmark
An elegant and classic apartment in Copenhagen painted with Earl Greyish, Cute Cumber, and Shy Dane by Notes

Simplifying the choice

With backgrounds in fashion, design and entrepreneurship, a team was assembled to start Notes, a company offering a curated palette of 40 colours perfectly encapsulating the Scandinavian tradition for simple and minimalist aesthetics. 

Note was born to help designers and architects, as well as consumers, make decisions on colours, by eliminating the background noise created by the infinite palettes proposed by traditional paint brands.

Through Notes, leading creatives from the fields of design and architecture curate a small yet strong colour palette that is impossible to go wrong with, as any colour combination made from it will look stunning.

Styled by Danish stylist Marie Graunbøl, this minimalist space is painted with See You Cigar and Daily Beige by Notes.

This is why Notes is a brilliant idea. The brand aims to give people empowerment to decide the mood, the shades, the layout of their living space. Simplifying is often synonymous with freedom.

Exploring Notes’ palette is a pleasurable creative experience and the catalog is a resource of inspiration to enhance colour awareness and to understand how much it sets the scene at home both from an emotional and intellectual point of view.

Styled by Danish stylist Marie Graunbøl, this calm space is painted with Ocean Crush by Notes.

A smart online shop

Notes is exclusively available via their online shop which is designed to make a painting project as easy and approachable as possible. In the editorial section, the words and the experience of interior designers and stylists are collected to inspire and guide individual choices.

Shade matching and combinations are made easy by clear examples and explanations to ensure the best results. Samples kits are delivered for free and the tools section offers anything you need to start painting, from paint bruises to primers, dust sheets and tapes.

Notes _ Gentofte Spisestue _ B-Skud - Milan Design Week 2023 - This is Denmark
This Funkis-style home north of Copenhagen celebrates life with Pop Around, After Dark, and Bubble Blues by Notes.

When it comes to quality, Notes puts the utmost attention on high standards. They offer thick-textured paint that leaves a mat, uniform and long-lasting finish with unique pigments. Equal attention is put on sustainability as the paint is water-based, low-VOC and certified with the EU Ecolabel and Swan Ecolabel.

This is Denmark exhibition, staged at Alcova during the Milan Design Week 2023, wishes to offer an overview, through 15 selected objects, of how contemporary Danish creators and companies interpret today the key values coming from their national heritage.


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