This extraordinary object cracks nuts with power, play and sensitivity

Beautifully weaving playfulness with traditional forging techniques – Rumms fabricates a one-of-a-kind steel Nutcracker.

Not only cracking all nuts with impact and subtlety but embodying an innate playfulness that makes it a special feature at any table – Germany-based Rumms crafts an eclectic forged steel ‘Nutcracker’

Brilliantly combining substantial craftsmanship with progressive design to bring the concept of material culture and its natural charm into the lives of people – “our goal is to translate handcraft culture into a contemporary aesthetic to create appealing products with tangible charm” says Rumms. 

© Rumms

Skillfully comprising the characteristics of attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and material processing – this alluring nutcracker was born. 

Lift the weight, seamlessly insert the nut and crack it!

Right from walnuts to hazelnuts, almonds or even Brazil nuts – this minimalistic lifestyle object cracks any nut and handles them all effortlessly with ease.

© Rumms

With an archaic feel – original, pure material aesthetics and uncomplicated design meets traditional forging craft techniques in this innovative product.

Conscientious manufacturing with resource-saving use of materials guarantees its quality, longevity and sustainability.

“Contemporary design, precise functionality with sophisticated details, as well as solid craftsmanship give our products an unmistakable appearance” Rumms adds. 

© Rumms

“Our goal is to translate handcraft culture into contemporary design to create appealing products with tangible charm again. Experimentation and invention often open up unimagined dimensions.

We want the customer to perceive this depth and beauty in our products and make them available with the help of contemporary production and fair-trading conditions.” states Rumms on their website.


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