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Furniture that’s perfect for any space – Oto by Studio Œ for Mattiazzi

Creating a balance between strong defined lines and the soft organic curves, this eclectic collection features four models

Crafting a a mobile extension of architecture that would seamlessly blend into any living space РItaly-based Mattiazzi presented Oto by Studio Πon the occasion of the 10th anniversary of 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen.

Featuring an innovative collection of four slightly different models with a Scandinavian aesthetic from a minimalistic bench to a side table, medium console and two-level console embodying an Okoume frame – they all follow the same construction principle, but differ in their proportions. 

Studio Πx Mattiazzi at 3daysofdesign
Oto by Studio Πfor Mattiazzi

Founded by Lisa Ertel and Anne-Sophie Oberkrome – Studio Œ is a Berlin-based design studio. 

Beautifully guided by a fascination for the diverse skills of materials and phenomena observed in everyday life, the duo fabricates work that narrates uncommon stories about the spatial and social context in which their projects move. 

Showcased at the festival, Oto invites one to define its use according to their individual needs – like a railing it nestles along furniture and walls and complements them with additional shelving and seating space.

The harmonious balance between the strong, defined lines and the soft, organic curves effortlessly creates a sense of calmness and serenity that reminds one of the supportive beams in a timber-framed house that holds everything together.

Studio Πx Mattiazzi at 3daysofdesign
Oto by Studio Πfor Mattiazzi

With an aim to make products that can be utilized in the periphery of chairs – with Oto one can expand the idea of furniture beyond the commonly known typologies such as tables, chairs and so on. 

During the design process, the duo thought about constructive elements that people use to repurpose for their daily routines – like stairs that become places to sit and wall ledges turning into displays for flower pots.

“We were intrigued by the knowledge and skills of the people working at Mattiazzi. Curious about the different steps of the woodworking process we wanted to make them visible in Oto!” they say.  

From the first cutting of the tree into beams, through the storage of the wood, to the CNC processing and the manual sanding of the piece at the end – the engineered craft is seamlessly applied just enough to give this product its character and emphasize the soft strength of the wood. 

Just like a signature of Mattiazzi“a custom-made milling tool inscribes the generous rounding of the inner edges into the beams!adds the duo. 

Not limiting their potential functions – the different heights and lengths of this one-of-a-kind collection invites different uses.

Studio Πx Mattiazzi at 3daysofdesign
Oto by Studio Πfor Mattiazzi

What all four models have in common is that they are quite narrow – never standing in the way but always on the spot.

“Picture arriving home, sitting down briefly on the lowest Oto to take off your shoes, while dropping the keys on the highest one that serves as a console on the other side of the narrow hallway. 

Entering the living room, the smallest Oto can accompany your sofa or provide an additional seating option at the head of the dining table. 

Meanwhile, a free-standing two-level Oto can divide your room in separate living areas!” they conclude. 


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