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Pianca introduces echoes of nature into their new furniture for Milan Design Week 2021

The latest Pianca products are designed to become part of our everyday life, reflecting the Veneto-based company’s traditional trademark simplicity, style and discretion.

Pianca presents its latest products for the bedroom and living room: furniture with soft, embracing forms, with echoes of nature and textural balance, designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti, Note Design Studio, and Emilio Nanni.

The new collections reflect the company’s mission to create living spaces that transform and evolve, bringing with them signs of new styles, times and meanings. All the while cherishing and preserving a reassuring intimacy.

The Palù collection, consisting of a bedside table and bench seat, designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti, reveals a visual reference to canes. The Embrace bed by the Swedish Note Design Studio offers a protective, reassuring cocoon, and the Platea sofa by Emilio Nanni, an evolution of the armchair of the same name presented with the Teorema table in 2019, revives the appeal of the bergère chair and timeless elegance.

Pianca - Supersalone stand
The stand design for Supersalone during Milan Design Week was created by the Calvi Brambilla architects studio – © Andrea Martiradonna

The Palù bedroom collection portrays a concept of small-scale architecture

The rustling of the wind echoes in the silence of nature and a visual reference to canes, creates light, evocative and reassuring pieces of furniture. The new Palù bedroom collection, designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti, consisting of a bedside table and bench seat, portrays a concept of small-scale architecture, featuring the linear effect of solids and empty spaces, and profound harmonies.

The curves created using a sequence of wooden rods define the space. The regular, then irregular frame embraces suspended volumes, like the upholstered seat or the Vienna straw shelf. Recycled leather makes up the round drawer of the bedside table. The drawer itself rotates, opening towards the bed, transforming into a second shelf.

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Rovere naturale, Borgogna and Canaletto are the options for the structure and shelves of Palù. The recycled leather of the drawer is available in the Hermes, Moro and Nero shades, while the bench seat is enhanced by soft upholstery in the fabrics, leathers and synthetic leathers of the Pianca collection, including an optional lower Vienna straw shelf.

“A good object must be functional and light. I’m interested in objects that flow with time, that accompany us discreetly and endure over time” says Raffaella Mangiarotti.

The Embrace Bed is a protective cocoon

Its classic-inspired forms are reassuringly solemn, distinguished, yet also inviting. Produced in collaboration with Note Design Studio, a multidisciplinary studio based in Stockholm, founded in 2008 by Johanness Carlström and Cristiano Pigazzini, the refined simplicity of the Embrace bed echoes the warmth of an embrace, a retreat to a safe haven.

The dominating feature of the bed, the curved headboard, cocoons the main body of the bed, offering protective, reassuring shoulders. The version without an underbed storage container can accommodate a recessed mattress. Concealed legs raise the structure a few centimeters off the floor in a delicate, almost indiscernible appearance of floating.

“A design object must serve the purpose it was designed for” explains Note Design Studio. “It’s simple. Both the designers and the manufacturer must make choices without losing sight of the original purpose.”

The Platea sofa is a harmonious blend of parts

Curvy, inviting, solid: the Platea sofa repeats the style of the armchair of the same name designed by Emilio Nanni for Pianca in 2019. The sofa is the product of a harmonious blend of parts, a balanced composition traced out by soft volumes supported by slender round metal legs.

The combination of elements produces an understated, compact seat that is solid, yet curvy. Platea develops the dynamic relationship between straight and curved lines. The seat rests delicately on an external tubular metal frame, finished off with shoes.

An updated version of the armchair with new volumes and dimensions will be presented alongside the new Platea sofa.

“A good product is the result of a balance between design, function, and manufacture, and must represent and reinterpret modernity” declares Emilio Nanni.

Pianca has been creating timeless furniture since 1956

Creating real settings, custom-designed using timeless objects is what Pianca aspires to do, producing systems and furniture for homes and contract since 1956. Furniture makers for generations, the Piancas have passed down their wood-crafting secrets and their passion for this material.

The Veneto– company’s products are inspired by solid values cultivated over time: attention to detail, selection of materials, the muted sophistication of the combinations, and respect for the environment. The durability of a product is the key to its sustainability and this is why Pianca is committed to creating timeless furniture, produced in response to real needs.

Custom, made-to-measure solutions allow Pianca to meet the needs of a lifestyle that hinges on flexibility, mobility, and change. Emilio Nanni, Aldo Cibic, Xavier Lust, Odo Fioravanti, and Calvi Brambilla are some of the designers chosen by Pianca to create their collections.

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Pianca is committed to creating timeless furniture, in response to real needs – © Andrea Martiradonna
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