Production Tales

How to design something new (without inventing anything)


All companies want designers to innovate. Yet doing something new is easier said than done, especially when the result is to be manufactured in large numbers, industrially. The recipe of the Adriano Design is to take things apart and build them anew. And it works.

As a designer, you know it all too well: all your customers want is innovation. But how do you design something new among millions of kitchens, bicycles, trolleys and stoves?  Davide and Gabriele Adriano, aka Adriano Design, have developed a successful recipe in doing exactly this. And their work has – thanks to its “out of the box” qualities – received several international awards, including the super prestigious and extremely severe Compasso d’Oro (it awards only 20 winners every 2 years and the Adriano Brothers got two, in 2014 and 2022).  Selecting a project to explain a method To explain…

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