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The evocative, abstract, and dreamy power of outdoor lighting

In anticipation of Milan Design Week 2023, which will focus on the theme of light and its dissemination tools, Platek, through its new proposals, increasingly embraces the concept of creating outdoor landscapes

Platek is progressively adopting the idea of designing outdoor landscapes with various languages and balances between natural and artificial lighting elements. To this clear vision, the company has given an identifying structure that has become the title of a catalog: Nessun Dorma. The Ripple lamp is one of their new products.

The project is a collaborative effort between the company and JVL Studio, one of the most prestigious names in international design, articulated in 3 macro-sections that define its design approach: FORM / PURIFY / INTRIGUE that will guide the public and professionals in the search for the desired effect.

Ripple lamp by JVL studio x Platek - outdoor lighting - Milan Design Week 2023 (3)
© Ripple lamp by JVL studio x Platek

The Ripple lamp belongs to the Intrigue section (which emphasizes the relationship between landscape and lighting fixture) and is described by the Belgian designer with a poetic accent, just like the product itself:

My nights are crowded with dreams and images, which is why I am amazed when someone claims they never dream. Equally fascinating to me is what we call daydreaming, not so much the kind that is perhaps caused by fatigue, where our mind wanders towards something different and pleasant, but the daydreaming triggered by some factor, often related to nature, the rippling of a body of water, the arrangement of clouds in the sky, the sound of fire burning in a fireplace.

© Ripple lamp by JVL studio x Platek

With Ripple, I wanted to metaphorically represent this mysterious process, starting from the concentric circles generated by a body falling into water. They have a magical power over me, one that takes my thoughts away from the everyday.” says Jan Van Lierde

To translate the poetry into light produced by a lighting fixture, Platek worked on the transparent blown glass that defines a smooth and regular surface on the outside of the diffuser, generating abstract reflections, infinite concentric circles with a very wide diffusion radius compared to the source, which becomes almost a precious object.

© Ripple lamp by JVL studio x Platek

Ripple highlights how outdoor lighting, which must necessarily be technical, can also have strong decorative appeal and integrate into the landscape, enhancing this aspect: in this particular case, through reflections of light and shadow on surrounding surfaces, whether they are the foliage of a hedge, a wall or a textured pavement, or even furniture.


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