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Slamp unveils lighting by Marc Sadler and Lorenza Bozzoli ahead of Milan flagship opening

The new flagship will open during Milan Design Week in the city’s iconic Durini District, a chance for visitors to explore Slamp’s modern, Italian lighting collection.

Since 1994, Italian lighting brand Slamp has been at the forefront of creating innovative, original, eclectic, and contemporary lamps.

Taking inspiration from the natural world, Slamp prides itself on creating luminous masterpieces using the latest generation of materials, manually moulded into elements that combined together, make up a luxurious landscape.

Manufactured in Rome, next month Slamp’s luxurious collections will make their debut during Milan Design Week inside their very own showroom.

Slamp - Headquarters _ ph ezio gosti
© Slamp – Headquarters _ Ph Ezio Gosti

Marking the occasion, Slamp will open its first Milan flagship in Milan’s Durini District—a key reference point for innovation, style and ‘Made in Italy’ design.

On show at the latest flagship throughout Milan Design Week, Slamp brings together its most iconic designs alongside the latest collections by long-term collaborators, French designer Marc Sadler and Milan-based designer Lorenza Bozzoli.

Among the new launches are two new collections by Marc Sadler – one of which features a flowering Tulip suspended by invisible cables.

Slamp _ Tulip by Marc Sadler _ ph thomas pagani
© Tulip by Marc Sadler – Ph Thomas Pagani

The eponymous design blooms from brushed brass stems, each one prepositioned at specific angles to create the sense of natural morphology. 

The collection features plug & play configurations of either 7 or 14 flowers cascading from a single, brushed brass rectangular or round ceiling rose, or free standing bundles of 14 flowers that can be installed according to personal tastes and the available space. 

Every tulip is connected to the next through a series of intricately woven copper wires conducting low-voltage electricity.

The LED light sources are included and can be replaced autonomously.

© Tulip by Marc Sadler _ Detail _ ph Slamp

The second design by Sadler explores the infinite possibilities of Slamp’s technopolymers.

Called Accordèon, it draws from the image of a textile plissé or an accordion’s bellows.

© Accordèon by Marc Sadler – Slamp

“The collection is a sure marker of the new contemporary narrative that sees design, fashion, artisan technique and technology in permanent interaction,” says Slamp.

“Accordeon is perfect alone to illuminate an intimate dinner, or in multiples for events. The battery lasts up to 60 hours and can be recharged in multiples using the designated station.”

© Accordèon by Marc Sadler – Slamp

The battery charged table version features a transparent shade finished in satin white, ensuring uniform lighting, and a white or matte black base and a semi-matte satin anodized aluminium stand, ensuring additional stability. 

The third product to be unveiled during Milan Design Week 2022 is the ODEON by Bozzoli, a dramatic ceiling lamp that takes its name from the Greek term Ωδείον, a place destined for musical performances.

© Odeon 100 (on ceiling) by Lorenza Bozzoli - Slamp
© Odeon 100 (on ceiling) by Lorenza Bozzoli – Slamp

With it, artist Lorenza Bozzoli captures the splendour of Art Deco’s opulent architecture, lying in sharp contrast to the sombre style of the post war style. 

Odeon pays homage to the theatre with concentric crowns of coupled metallic Goldflex and Lentiflex, a glass-like rippling technopolymer. It is available in two sizes, with a diameter of 65 or 100 cm and comes fully assembled. 

The new designs are representative of Slamp’s appreciation of natural forms, which it leans on whilst also paying attention to the most recent design trends.

This winning combination defines an extensive lighting collection that marries aesthetics with functionality, ranging from pendant lights to ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps.

© Odeon by Lorenza Bozzoli – Slamp

“The flagship store is not only a display of Slamp’s ample selection of handcrafted pieces, but a clear definition of the vision and values that the brand is founded upon,” says Slamp.

“Design is the curation of observed exterior details, giving way to an extensive dialogue with an intimate interior, and light is best destined as a mirror for the beings and spaces that it reflects.”

Founded upon a solid focus on illumination, Slamp is known for its balanced aesthetics and impeccable technique which has attracted an impressive roster of designers including celebrated British architect Nigel Coates who was Slamp’s Art Director from 2008 to 2015 creating products, collections and exhibitions in Italy, France and the UK. 

© Slamp Handmade – Ph Pedo Sadio

Since then, the brand has welcomed diverse talents to collaborate with them, spearheaded by General Director Luca Mazza, who since 2015 was also appointed Art Director and has led the brand towards its widely recognised, iconic style.

“Slamp isn’t the story of one, or a handful of people, or a single entrepreneur following their intuition. Slamp is made up of maybe 300 lives that together have built and strengthened an idea,” says Roberto Ziliani, Slamp’s founder and president. 

“We will never be satisfied, instead consistently and constantly searching for more and the newest things on the horizon. The openings in 2022 are further evidence of the branding process adopted in 2019.”

Slamp uses lightweight, luxurious technopolymers, amongst other materials that undergo in-depth research before being transformed to become final designs.

It’s part of a process that the brand insists is instinctual.

© Slamp Handmade – Ph Pedo Sadio

According to Slamp, light possesses an essential role, outlining the very world we know. 

“The use of exclusive, lightweight and resistant technopolymers gives a unique and recognizable touch to every lamp, allowing it to be sculpted into three dimensional shapes, decorations and effects that would be impossible using any other material,” says Slamp.

“Much like any maison dedicated to haute couture, Slamp lamps undergo a precise ritual that transforms a sheet of technopolymer material into an exceptionally decorative, three dimensional shape through cold cutting and handcrafting.”

“We are constantly immersed in luminous frequencies that our nervous system translates into an intimate, internal universe,” the brand explains.

“Understanding the language of light is a must when establishing decor aesthetics.”

“Every Slamp lamp visually transitions within a space, moving from a slight suggestion to a more pronounced contrast, and finally, transforming every space into an evocative interior, where material equilibrium touches one’s soul.”

This elemental interpretation of light is expressed through the brand’s logo, a torchbearer which it has applied to its corporate manifesto and the latest catalogue titled ‘The Language of Light’.

“This unique repertoire unites and celebrates every architectural detail and emotive aspect within one’s space…This is the pulse of design: every external detail coincides with the beginning of an internal dialogue.”

The catalogue is available to download now. Slam’s Italian flagship will open on June 5, 2022. It is located on Via Larga, no. 2, Milan. Opening hours are 9am-7pm.


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