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NFT Artist Andrés Reisinger presents impossible ‘phygital’ artwork in the Middle East

The NFT artist presented the new public artwork, called Sun/Leaf, commissioned by Gallery Collectional and presented during Art Dubai Week.

Argentinian creative Andrés Reisinger presented a hybrid experience of physical and digital during Art Dubai earlier this month.

Called Sun/Leaf, the project consisted of a digital artwork (named Sun) and its physical counterpart (named Leaf) at Gallery Collectional. 

The digital artwork included a 90 seconds audiovisual loop piece displaying a subtly animated landscape projected onto an LED wall placed at the borders of a water feature outside the gallery

Meanwhile, a chromed metal armchair placed on the water in front of the LED screen made up the physical artwork.

Sun/Leaf digital artwork by Andrés Reisinger
© Andrés Reisinger

The structural, cold and modern lines of the physical context provide a fictional atmosphere that Reisinger juxtaposes to a natural and ethereal outdoor ambience, window to his own world, depicted in the digital artwork.

The installation, which is Reisinger’s first ever public art piece, develops the artist’s understanding of contemporary art: a hybrid experience of physical and digital. 

Reisinger has conceived the artwork as one unicum piece, composed of its digital and physical halves; the artist’s intention is to keep them tied forever, so whoever buys it will receive both elements.

Through an uncanny play of physical and digital elements, Sun/Leaf prompts viewers to question what they can see.

The realistic aesthetic of the digital artwork and the position of the different elements in relation to the space tread the line between real and digital because of the hyperrealistic aesthetic defining the design. 

Sun/Leaf digital artwork by Andrés Reisinger
© Andrés Reisinger

The piece was unveiled during Art Dubai and went on display to the public between 11-13th of March as part of the event’s proceedings.

Dubai leads the way for phygital creativity

“This new commission offers a progressive look at the future of design and the merging of our physical world with the digital experiences,” says Gallery Collectional’s creative director Catalina Ruiz Urquiola.

“As the leaders in the field, we are championing the cutting-edge new technologies of Web3, fostering the ground-breaking new talent and creating trailblazing activations that have never been seen before.” 

“The SUN/LEAF exhibition cements our position as the Middle East’s most progressive design destination,” says Cristiano Baccianti, Collectional’s founder. 

“We’re the region’s first gallery to commission and feature an exclusive phygital (physical and digital) piece, and to introduce the work of Andrés Reisinger to the region – he’s one of the most sought-after artists of this digital revolution.”

© Andrés Reisinger
© Andrés Reisinger


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