Swarm lamp: night-time creatures from the Swedish woods

We love nature, we need nature. And we should get the chance to reconnect with it.

Jangir Maddadi has a unique story and personality, and the Swarm lamp is one of his most graceful and immediate pieces.

When we first met I was carried away by his energy and vitality: he teaches us how to live life at the fullest and to always aim as high as possible.

He is based in Kalmar, the old Swedish capital, where he takes care of the all stages of creation for his design pieces.

I believe that it’s thanks to his forward thinking attitude and determination that he manages to take care of each phase of product realisation, from the initial idea to the coordination of the whole production process.



Swarm Lamp by Jangir Maddadi - Sweedish wood



It’s not easy to find a designer that built a brand around his name and manages to create objects for both public spaces and private residencies, spanning from home accessories to heavy concrete benches

At the end of the day, is relatively easy to spot trends and get involved to gain maximal exposure.

Similarly to the other creative disciplines, the real challenge in design is to identify and develop those elements that make a piece timeless, but without being “old” or too much inspired by classical lines.

All of the designs produced by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau have a classy appeal, meant to last in time, regardless of trends and seasonal tendencies. 



Swarm lamp by Jangir Maddadi - Forest



Swarm Lamp

The shape has some clear yet undefined reminder to natural shapes.

The positioning of the triad, suggested by Jangir Maddadi himself, also contributes to create an instinctual, elegant combination

We love nature, we need nature. 

We should get the chance to reconnect with it, specially within our home, through simple shapes and warm materials.

Jangir Maddadi presented the Swarm Lamp Black Edition at Haigō during Milan Design Week 2017, within the debuting Isola Design District.



Swarm lamp by Jangir Maddadi


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