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TERRA is an innovative, high-quality leather with a unique character

Developed in close collaboration with Norm Architects, TERRA stands as a pioneering form of high-end leather, showcasing innovation and embodying the renowned design philosophy of Norm Architects

The TERRA collection emerges as an exquisitely soft aniline leather, boasting a silky-matte surface that gently glimmers and a velvety texture that delights the senses. This modern and sophisticated leather delivers a touch of elegance, drawing inspiration from nature’s captivating beauty.

During the 3daysofdesign event, Sorensen Leather hosted an art exhibition, thoughtfully curated by Norm Architects in collaboration with stylist Pernille Vest. The exhibition featured six wall dividers of varying heights, skillfully crafted using leather from our TERRA collection.

These dividers aimed to provide a multi-sensory experience, engaging visitors on both visual and tactile levels. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exhibition, exploring the diverse colors of TERRA and indulging in an interactive encounter.

Katrine Blinkenberg _ TERRA Leather collection by Sorensen Leather at 3daysofdesign
Bring Me Water Collection by Katrine Blinkenberg

Stylist Pernille Vest artfully incorporated a selection of specially chosen artworks that beautifully complemented the earthy color palette of TERRA (see more here). From the softness of sand to the depths of soil and the richness of clay, the chosen artworks aptly represented the spectrum of colors found within our collection.

Norm Architects meticulously curated a stunning palette of rich hues, comprising both captivating and earthy tones. From lush greens and warm yellows to deep bordeaux and various shades of brown, these colors form a harmonious and nature-inspired spectrum reminiscent of clay, sand, orchre, silt, and soil, evoking imagery of sandy deserts and rocky landscapes. The exclusive and soothing appearance of TERRA presents a serene symphony of colors that captivate the eye.

Longfei Wang _ TERRA Leather collection by Sorensen Leather at 3daysofdesign
Dragon scales tea ceremony set by Longfei Wang (王龍飛), alias Tōsei (桃青)

The rich hues of TERRA capture the beauty of nature. We find ourselves returning again and again to the natural world — the primordial home of the human race — for guidance in the pursuit of timeless beauty, simplicity, and connectivity. Our bodies are at home in nature, and we reach a blissful homeostasis in the presence of natural elements.

While we might not realistically exchange the metropolis for the wild, bringing nature into the built environment through biophilic design has a similar, calming effect. Running a hand across stone, brick, clay, wood, linen or leather ignites familiar sensations of the outdoors and floods our mind with pleasing emotions and grounds us firmly on earth.” – Norm Architects

Momentum by Naja Utzon Popov

Every hide possesses unique natural markings, ensuring that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. As time passes, TERRA leather develops a smoother and glossier finish, gradually acquiring a natural and charming patina, which adds character and authenticity.

TERRA represents the epitome of luxury, offering a genuinely premium leather that is a tactile delight. It introduces a calm and organic aesthetic to any space, effortlessly blending with various design concepts. With TERRA, you can embrace a contemporary classic that stands the test of time.

OV21 by Ole Victor

Norm Architects, a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Copenhagen, specializes in architecture, interiors, design, and creative direction. They embrace a design philosophy that harmonizes the mind and body, seeking to uncover the essence of their creations by eliminating anything superfluous.

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian simplicity, soft minimalism, and modernism, their designs exude timeless appeal, depth, and dimension, redefining the norms of the new Nordic style.


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