Thailand’s Host & Home project showcases Thai lifestyle products in Milan at Salone del Mobile 2022

Once again, Thai manufacturing takes centre stage during Milan Design Week with the Host & Home project, which celebrates contemporary furniture, artisan candles, and so much more.

Thailand is known worldwide for its exquisite craftsmanship, which gives shape to extraordinary furniture featuring some of the finest woods and natural fibres, among other materials.

Cotton with piña, lotus and kapok fibres; local teak and bamboo; hand-painted ceramics and blown glass — in recent years, Thailand has found a way to combine its craft tradition and forward-thinking manufacturing to imbue the “Made in Thailand” label with a sense of innovation and guaranteed quality. 

The tropical climate of Thailand allowed for the abundance of natural and sustainable resources including natural materials such as silk, bamboo, cotton, and rattan, which are mastered by artisans of carving, weaving, and basketry.

Masaya Chair by Asia Collection Co _ Milan Design Week 2022 _ Host & Home _ Thai Design
© Masaya Chair by Asia Collection Co

Over half of Thai furniture production uses wood originating largely from rubber tree (Hevea) plantations, managed in accordance with sustainability criteria.

The organising body behind the Host & Home project is Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, whose aim is to highlight the way the country’s artisans are using these materials to create unique, luxury lifestyle items, Thai furniture and decorative products.

The project, which culminates in a showcase during Salone del Mobile, was launched by DITP in 2015 as a way of creating new opportunities for Thai designers and manufacturers. 

Chair by SCULPTURE _ Milan Design Week 2022 _ Thai Design
© Chair by SCULPTURE

“Host & Home Project is the project developed to support Thai entrepreneurs in their attempts to design and create lifestyle products that are different and uniquely enchanting,” says DITP.

“It includes furniture and other items that are perfect for construction projects including hotels, condominiums, or residences, which need outstanding, modern and suitable designs for people with a frequent travelling lifestyle. It’s unique items that make spaces feel like home.” 

CHANG - stool - FB tesser bread + OL castle town toffee by PimPen _ _ Milan Design Week 2022 _ Thai Design
© CHANG stool by PimPen

“At present, the tourism and residential services business are continuously growing, especially the target group with high potential and purchasing power in the hotels, residences, and restaurants in the European market.” 

“It is seen as a market segment that requires products with customization & craftsmanship. It is important that Thai furniture and decorative product entrepreneurs are skilful and have an advantage over other entrepreneurs whose focus on quantitative production only.” 

Green Partition by Deesawat Industries _ Milan Design Week 2022 _ Host & Home _ Thai Design
© Green Partition by Deesawat Industries

“Therefore, a product development project has been developed to penetrate the hospitality industry in Italy and Europe to enhance Thai products invade into the market by bringing a team of product development operators Italian, headed by Alberto Grassi, to give an advice and recommend Thai companies in each company and bring the prototype products from the project participants to exhibit at trade shows in foreign countries such as the furniture fair called.”

© Prempracha
© T-Thaniya

The Host and Home project is in its eighth year of supporting designers to exhibit their products at international trade shows, also including Maison and Objet in Paris and Korea Build Exhibition in Ilsan, Republic of Korea.

This year, DITP by the Office of Lifestyle Trade Promotion and Thai Trade Center Milan, will present a selection of Thai entrepreneurs that offer a wide range of new products for the European market at Salone del Mobile 2022, which this year highlights a new focus on sustainability, circularity and connection.

Pebble Stool by Moonler - ©Nontarat Hasitapong _ Milan Design Week 2022 _ Thai Design
© Pebble Stool by Moonler – Photo by Nontarat Hasitapong

Eleven brands were chosen for their handmade products, which showcase high standards of production, sustainability concern and the finest materials. 

The chosen brands that will exhibit are:

Host and Home curates unique products including chairs, tables, tableware and candles — all of which are united by a uniquely handcrafted quality.

© Performax Intertrade

By showcasing this artisanal approach, DITP hopes to increase the export value of Thai design across Europe, stressing the importance of craftsmanship when it comes to decorative products. 

Ahead of Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile, the Host & Home project continues to develop entrepreneurship across Thailand, including branding workshops for the selected designers to help boost their international marketing efforts.

Kunakij Furniture Industry _ Milan Design Week 2022 _ Host & Home _ Thai Design
© Kunakij Furniture Industry

Over the coming weeks in the lead up to the event, we will be taking a closer look at the work of those designers and their unique approach to design and sustainability

Host & Home: where to visit it

The Host & Home showcase will be located on the corner at Hall 8/B37 during Salone del Mobile, at the intersection of the two main hallways.

The space will be characterised by a perimeter panelling with the main colours of the collection — white and blue.

It will be on display at Salone Del Mobile (Hall 8/B37) from 7-12 June, 2022. To find out more about the showcase visit its website.

Kenkoon _ Milan Design Week 2022 _ Thai Design
© Kenkoon


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