TourBox Elite turns digital editing into a gaming experience

The plug-in editing console replaces the traditional mouse and keyboard setup to offer unprecedented speed over digital media creative projects.

Following a successful launch of the original TourBox in 2018, a plug-in editing console intended to be used with editing (sound, photo and video) software, to speed up a professional’s workflow. Now, the company is back with its follow-up: the TourBox Elite.

The TourBox Elite is a dual-channel Bluetooth controller that features a pinpoint, lag-free, control algorithm, a customizable user interface, and macro commands to give editors more control over the digital editing experience. It’s a game-changing gadget that gives designers the option to give up the keyboard and go mouse-free, using one hand to manipulate a series of dials, knobs and buttons, which can be configured for editing in applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator. 

Its main goal is to streamline workflow. With the TourBox Elite, it’s possible to quickly perform tasks such as image rating, adjusting sliders and more, and since there are no physical scale marks on the rotary buttons they can be fine-tuned to specific user needs—a simple turn of the knob can adjust exposure or contrast in editing apps like Lightroom, Camera Raw and Capture One. The knobs can even be calibrated for different speeds based on an editor’s needs and personal workflow.

The idea is that once the user gets familiar with the controller, it will become second nature, perfectly calibrated for ideal speed, accuracy and acceleration. Meanwhile, an ergonomic design and tech tailored to enhance the user experience promise to deliver performance. Internal vibration provides haptic feedback via a wide-band motor for haptic feedback and Bluetooth LE 5.1 technology ensures a strong connection.

“If an idea doesn’t move, it will die” – Check out the Interview with KJ Chun, Head of Product for Paste by WeTransfer

Custom tech is making a comeback

This reminds us a little of the mechanical keyboard trend we wrote about earlier this year with their myriad of personalizable elements designed to enhance the experience as well as the keyboard aesthetic.

Riding off the back of this 90s trend comeback, the TourBox Elite is reflective of a growing demand for customised tech. Currently available to back on Kickstarter, at the time of publication it has almost reached 5X its goal.

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