How to sell and turn your artwork into revenues

Every day there are 1.8 billion photos shared on socials, but how many of them generate revenue?

We are living in times where we get exposed to a terrific amount of information, more precisely 34 gigabytes per day due to a study conducted by the University of California-San Diego.

The human brain absorbs all kinds of infos; words, pictures,videos,etc.

Finding inspiration sources for your artwork is not that hard, but where to focus?



How to get inspired?

Inspiration can be found everywhere: music, colors,silence, nature and in our pockets as well.

It’s necessary to select your choice, for example looking and checking artworks of all kinds of artists; both worldwide famous artists and those whose are not been discovered yet by the mainstream.

Being very passionated to visual design, over the years I’ve discovered several talented illustrators, here few selected artists from “our time” I would like to share with you:

1) Kowei Koko, illustrator, writer and teacher from Taiwan


In his artwork, you can actually see story telling. From everyday objects, real situations and unstoppable infantile imagination, you get Kowei.

Dreamy feeling like one before going to sleep as a kid.

Artist is approaching to people’s emotions through very naive and puerile style.

It strikes you as a craze for childhood. It even seduced Vogue Taiwan and Starbucks whose asked his collaboration for campaigns and editorials.


Kowei Koko

SoffroniaSofia Bonati, illustrator and graphic designer from Argentina

Her stunning portraits of enchanting women, rosy cheeks and mysterious eyes are the perfect combination of delicate pencil, black ink, colored gouache or watercolor.

Sophisticated artworks which will convey a sense of calmness.


Sofia Bonati

Sofia Bonati


3) Little bit different, specialized in amazing digital portraits, the italian Giulio Rossi


An inexhaustible source of creative ideas combining with realistic digital art.

Those portraits are iconic, totally modern way of expressing feminine weird beauty





Giulio Rossi


How to start drawing?

Pencils without colors, drawing board replace paper and canvas. There are many programs, starting from PC Paint to the more professional Photoshop.

A new software is climbing the Olympus of graphics software: Procreate, painting app, artists handbook, perfect for iPad. With Procreate, you will sketch without dirty lead from pencil over your hands, paint without mess.

Perfect for beginners, also for professionals and even children. 

Cheaper than four cups of coffee, Procreate can be your everyday canvas with a whole brushes set.

With this app it is possible to generate JPG, PDF, JPG files in high resolution ready to be printed and sold.


How to sell your artwork?

Nowadays the success of a project can partially measured by the social media success. Every day there are 1.8 billion photos shared on socials, but how many of them generate revenue?

Earning pocket money or making your own business with your art, combined with social media is now reachable for everyone using

A web platform developed by Picanova, the world leading company for personalized decorative and lifestyle products.

Here the main points that make worth a try:

  • no set up costs
  • no technical requirements
  • no need to think about production and delivery
  • you just do what you love: creating your artwork

It takes seconds and influencers are instantly able to generate a revenue stream without changing anything they currently do.

Artwork by LOFT42

Simply sign up with

A link is automatically appended to the back of each image that lets your followers order anything they want. They will produce and deliver worldwide your artwork and you just have to keep drawing. 


The easiness of its use, made for the online magazine Design42Day (official media partner of many international design events such as Red Dot, Super Design Show, etc ) the perfect choice for the launch of its Lifestyle brand LOFT42 as unique online store to start selling mugs, cushions, canvas and many other products.

So people, find your inspiration, get to work with cool app. and turn your artwork into revenues!


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