Lighting design

Visio collection: an ode to the iconographic apparatus of the human face

The collection’s aesthetic language showcases meticulous attention to detail, incorporating subtle etching of faces and careful sculpting of volumes within the surrounding environment

The Masiero’s Dimore catalog welcomes a new entry: Visio, a collection created by the collaboration between Nava + Arosio and the company. The designers took inspiration from the human physiognomy, crafting a flexible and versatile lighting solution suitable for every environment, from retail to home to contract.

The young design duo Nava + Arosio’s Visio collection showcases surrealist elements and offers layers of meaning that can be discovered through the various possible configurations of facial geometries. The collection pays homage to the expressiveness and iconographic apparatus of the face.

Visio by Nava + Arosio x Masiero - Milan Design Week 2023
Paolo Emanuele Nava (1989) e Luca Maria Arosio (1988), cofounders of Nava + Arosio design studio

The polished chocolate-colored painted metal tubing is curved to create a complete face or compositions of facial features such as mouths, noses, ears, and eyes, either as suspensions or wall compositions. The lighting collection mixes mysticism and geometry and offers unpredictable variations on the theme of imagination.

The aesthetic vocabulary of the collection exhibits extreme attention to detail and features light etching of faces and shaping of volumes in environments. It is faithful to Masiero‘s DNA, a legacy of skilled workmanship and attention to detail while introducing new elements.

What inspired you to create this collection? And how was its name chosen?

Nava + Arosio:

“We started with the idea of creating a new luminous alphabet that could become a sign, amazement, and light in space. Our physical traits are what characterize us the most and have the ability, in a few lines, to bring forth a multitude of different imaginations.

Visio collection by Nava + Arosio x Masiero

Visio is the synthesis of a sign that allows us to draw infinite physiognomies and interpretations in space, whether they are realistic or surrealistic. The name, chosen in collaboration with Masiero, is taken from Latin, and means “sight – appearance – spectacle”, all characteristics that this lamp embodies.”

What was the project’s journey like? Were there any changes / evolutions / upheavals during its development?

Nava + Arosio:

“Like every project we develop at our Studio, this one had its own design process, but from the beginning, the project’s desire to be flexible to ensure various possibilities of combinations and interpretations was clear.”

Visio collection by Nava + Arosio x Masiero

Can you describe to us how the choice of materials, colors, and finishes was made?

Nava + Arosio:

“The choice of materials was immediately clear, precisely because it was designed to emphasize Masiero’s know-how, which is metalworking. As for finishes and colors, we believe that the lamp lends itself to infinite interpretations, from the most classic and elegant in a burnished finish to more daring solutions.”

In what way, from your point of view, does this complete collection represent an evolution of the Masiero catalog? What are its strengths in terms of commercial appeal?

Nava + Arosio:

“When we design a project for a company, we don’t just limit ourselves to drawing shapes, but everything always starts with an idea, and we believe that ideas are the lifeblood of any company and catalog.

Visio collection by Nava + Arosio x Masiero

The possibility of interpreting this project allows for an infinite number of applications, allowing the user to even communicate different solutions with each other, whether they are wall-mounted, suspended or floor-standing.”

If you were to suggest it to architects and interior designers, which spaces would this collection be best suited for?

Nava + Arosio:

“Visio is an extremely flexible lamp that offers several possible combinations, which is why we like to define it as a luminous alphabet suitable for every environment, from retail to home to contract. We believe that architects and interior designers will see great potential in this project to satisfy every customer’s desire.”


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