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Tegola lamp series by Alexander Shayle is an ode to industrial design

The roughness of industrial equipment and the elegance of terracotta results in a striking lamp series by Alexander Shayle

Sometimes – for a unique product to be born – all you need is to take an existing object and re-imagine it in a different way. That’s exactly what Alexander Shayle has done: Tegola rethinks the iconic half-round terracotta roof tile as the shining star of the stunning lamp series.

Inspiration can be found in the simplest of things. Unfortunately, many of us fail to see that beauty also hides in the ordinary. After all – it’s easy to get wrapped up in our daily happenings. Design is not necessarily about creating something entirely new. It’s about utilizing the already existing knowledge and channeling it into something functional and aesthetically pleasing. That’s what Tegola is all about. 

Tegola lamp series by Alexander Shayle _ lighting design
Tegola lamp series by Alexander Shayle

Visual contrasts serve as tools for design

The lighting series effortlessly embodies the theme of architecture, using a clever combination of textures, materials, and shapes that evoke the very essence of construction and industrial equipment. With Tegola’s lamps, you don’t have to settle either on style or functionality.

The harmonious marriage of the cozy, earthy terracotta shade with the edgy, unpolished metal components creates a striking visual contrast that seamlessly blends simplicity and utility. 

Tegola lamp series by Alexander Shayle

The London-based designer’s series includes three lamps:

  • Tegola Suspension Pendant Lamp
  • Tegola Tray Lamp
  • and Tegola Desk Lamp

The first of the three has sturdy webbing straps, which, in a way, resemble the same kind of heavy-duty ropes used to hold massive loads on construction sites.

Thanks to a support cylinder, you can adjust the lamp’s height to your needs.

Tegola lamp series by Alexander Shayle _ lighting design
Tegola lamp series by Alexander Shayle

Using the power of symmetry, Shayle has crafted its Tegola Tray Lamp. The base and shade of the lamp have been created by reflecting the same form. This results in a perfect mirror image and a striking design.

Finally, the Tegola Desk Lamp is impressive too. Imagine a tiny crane perched on your desk, not to lift heavy loads but to illuminate your work area. That’s exactly what the desk lamp resembles, with its cast metal frame and base forming the silhouette of a construction crane.

Tegola lamp series by Alexander Shayle _ lighting design
Tegola lamp series by Alexander Shayle

Additionally, the terracotta shade provides a touch of warmth and sophistication to the industrial-inspired design. The lamp will look great both in your home and office space.

End notes

Simple meets functionality. The Tegola lamp series by Alexander Shayle showcases that even something as known as a construction site can become a source of inspiration for a gorgeous design. You just have to be willing to look beneath the surface.


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