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WOODENDOT – You can smell the wood and their passion for it

A combination of the know-how of master wood craftsmen with the innovative designers proposals

María J. Vargas and Daniel García are two Spanish designers grown with the passion for wood, founders of Woodendot. Their design company was born of the smell of wood from Tierra de Pinares (Land of Pines), the passion for design and a number of circumstances and experiences lived by Daniel and María that inspired them around 2013 to set up the firm.

We create furniture, accessories and lighting products using wood as the main material; a material that brings our dreams to life“, they stated on their website. “We design products that live in harmony with people, the pivot of our existence. We combine the know-how of master wood craftsmen with the innovative designers proposals.

© Woodendot

Batea M and Batea L by Woodendot

Batea L, the largest member of the Batea family, has a large storage space that opens up when you slide back the table top. A coffee table that combines tradition and modernity, adapting to the dynamics of each space, keeping everything in order. 

The medium size member, Batea M, has an extra functionality, a small storage space under its table top where you can keep those small everyday objects out of sight. 

Batea L + Batea S by Woodendot
© Woodendot

Batea S, the smallest member of family, inspired by traditional serving trays, provides extra functionality with its solid wooden tray, easy to remove and use. The two circular tables comprise a tray and three legs made of solid wood that can be easily attached to a lacquered metal structure.

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