Furniture design

After Ago sculptural furniture collection rising from the ashes of Beirut

After Ago it’s a hybrid collection inspired from the metaphorical Postmodernism/Memphis movement with a twist of graceful Art Deco lines assorted to monolithic Brutalism sobriety.

“AFTER AGO” is an ode to an arch, a tribute to a city, an elegy of lost souls, altogether converted to emotional fantasy objects, transmitting functionality however remaining timeless and sculptural.

Always trying to promote exactly how using simple lines can create an infinite range of objects constantly thoughtful and minimal.

“AFTER AGO” is handcrafted and painted using multiple materials such as foam, lightweight concrete plaster, acrylic and stone ware/clay. 

All the collection is handcrafted using multiple materials

AFTER AGO is born out of experimentation through sketching, rotating and flipping arches evoking transformational prominent and bold shapes using different geometrical procedures.

Inserting, intersecting, extruding, and detracting, multiple outcomes are generated: a seat, a shelving unit, a table, a tray, a vase etc…

The alteration between drawn black and white stripes on each side of the object translate a dramatic illusion of the internal and spatial chaos. The black color is mysterious, representing the unknown future, the undesirable or sad past, while the white is considered to be the color of serenity and safety. Black traps space, while white opens space. Black evokes sophistication the white communicates innocence and renewed beginnings. 

The objects induce an emotional alteration of the self, sad/happy, mad/sane, anxious/calm, death/life hate/love, just like the fascinating history of the city of Beirut with its multiple lives and layers throughout centuries yet after each disaster it always rises from the ashes longing for eternal life.  

Keep dreaming in a surreal world made of shapes and colors like the interiors designed by Reisinger Studio.

The contrast between black and white is key because it induce an emotional alteration of the self

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