A design that reinvents traditional showerheads, with its dual function

Apollo by antoniolupi is a series of shower heads that marries the essence of light and water into a unified design of clean, pure shapes.

At first glance, the Apollo showerhead series by antoniolupi may seem bewildering with its unique ability to emit both light and water, a feature that might initially confuse due to its dual function. This blend of functionalities, however, adds to its allure.

Apollo 1 – Apollo showerhead by antoniolupi
Apollo 1 – Apollo showerhead by antoniolupi

Apollo’s design disrupts traditional showerhead forms with its tubular structures, while its lighting component is elegantly simplified into a circular sphere. Apollo serves as both a luminous and aquatic source, enriching the showering experience with what can be described as a primordial glow akin to gentle rainfall.

Apollo 2 – Apollo showerhead by antoniolupi
Apollo 2 – Apollo showerhead by antoniolupi

This combination not only fosters a soothing environment but also enhances visual comfort, offering a comprehensive experience that delights multiple senses. The collection by antoniolupi includes a wall-mounted piece and two ceiling fixtures.

The standout, a wall-mounted model crafted from cast brass in a distinctive Y shape, showcases thoughtful architectural design. It harmoniously integrates three branches for water flow, light, and installation, emphasizing equality in design.

Apollo 3 – Apollo showerhead by antoniolupi

The project’s success is significantly attributed to technological advancements, particularly in component miniaturization, allowing for the realization of the concept in its entirety. Apollo showerheads come equipped with cutting-edge rain or mist jets, complemented by IP67 LED lighting that activates with the water, seamlessly integrating innovation with functionality.

Apollo 4 – Apollo showerhead by antoniolupi


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