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Foster + Partners is an architecture studio founded by Norman Foster in 1967. Headquartered in London, the firm’s work ranges from transport and infrastructure, workplace, industrial, hospitality, leisure and retail projects, with a focus on sustainable architecture, urbanism and design. The practice has 12 studios around the world and has completed projects in over 75 countries.

The practice operates as a unified and culturally diverse entity with a strong emphasis on its people. The core of Foster + Partners is its partners, who are also shareholders, and they play a central role in the organization. They collectively assume responsibility for all projects, which are distributed among the various architectural studios within the practice.

To maintain the design principles of the firm, the Design Board meticulously reviews projects at various stages of development. The day-to-day management of the practice is entrusted to the Management Board, comprised of senior partners and partners. Additionally, the Partnership Board takes on the role of overseeing the strategic direction of the entire practice.