Beosound Balance – A luxury smart speaker designed to beautify your home

If you are looking for a high-end quality speaker providing premium sound performance that would also fit in your home’s décor, the latest Beosound Balance is the speaker you need.

Bang & Olufsen collaborating with Benjamin Hubert from LAYER, amazed the fields of technology and design with their latest even more dynamic, contemporary and powerful speaker: Beosound Balance.

The speaker, which promises a premium sound experience from a sculpture-like design piece, is the latest innovation from the high-end luxury Danish consumer electronics company B&O, that designs and manufactures audio products, television sets, and telephones.

A design that unites adaptable luxurious design with impressive acoustic experience compared to its size

The minds behind Beosound Balance – Bang & Olufsen and Benjamin Hubert

The luxury-lifestyle brand – B&O collaborated on this project with Benjamin Hubert from Layer Design, a London based studio specialized in designing products that affect everyday life, from smart wearables and furniture systems to the next generation of AI and communication tools.

The primary goal behind their latest collaboration was to design a luxury shelf speaker equipped with lots of features that will be suitable for any home.

Benjamin Hubert with Beosound Balance
“Together, these two elemental forms create a sculptural object,” Layer explained, “like a plinth supporting an artwork or vase that disrupts the monoblock format of most speakers.”

Materials & Techniques – Oak wood embodied with textile and aluminum components

This 38cm-tall speaker is assembled of two components: a solid timber wood cylindrical base for a sculptural feel, wrapped around a large upward-facing subwoofer and an upper unit featuring seven drivers with beamforming technology that produces sound directivity for focused listening from all positions.

The upper unit is wrapped with a precisely crafted aluminum grill with a Fibonacci pattern for acoustic transparency.

Beosound Balance internal sensor

Style & Aesthetics – High-end technology joined with Scandinavian minimalism

The aesthetic side of the Beosound Balance appears remarkably refined, monolithic and elegant, inspired by the Scandinavian minimalism. Apart from the complex structure within, this speaker is designed to look decorative in your home even when it’s not being used as if it was an elegant tabletop sculpture.

It’s available in two colors – natural (natural oak wood base, sand knitted fabric speaker cover and golden aluminum speaker grill) and black (black oak wood base, anthracite knitted fabric speaker cover and black aluminum speaker grill).

Beosound Balance components

 The structure within Balance

Fact – A speaker with an impeccable design that interacts with you

The top of the speaker is a touch-sensitive dish that lets you adjust the volume, skip tracks and access other basic controls. These features are imprinted into the aluminum surface and illuminated with LEDs with proximity sensors that subtly turn off when the speaker isn’t in use. 

According to Layer, the Beosound Balance also has an internal microphone that will analyze the room and optimize sound experience based on the positioning in the room, which compensates for the walls and other sound-reflecting surfaces.

In addition to that, the Beosound Balance’s Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity features support the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa (as of later this year). Therefore, you can stream your favorite music, plan your day and control smart devices in your home – hands-free, simply by using your voice.

Beosound Balance in two colors

The design is based on pure geometry and very clean silhouettes

Design memento – Elegant interior silhouette. Powerful sound performance.

The Beosound Balance is a smart statement speaker, presenting a unique balance between adaptable, minimal and authentic design and a premium, elevating acoustic experience. 

The writer’s opinion – The Beosound Balance proves that a speaker can look as good as it sounds!

This latest technology innovation proves that technology can be implemented in interior design. Impressive enough is that a tech product, such as a speaker, can have impeccable performance features but also complement and enrich your interior at the same time.


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