SHED designs the surreal golf bar BIRDIES

Pushing the boundaries between reality and the surreal, BIRDIES is London’s new golf bar offering a thrilling social experience.

With a portfolio that includes some of the UK’s most progressive food & beverage brands such as MEATliquor™, Interior Architecture studio SHED had all the right credentials when approached by SFG Group to give BIRDIES their first permanent London home.

BIRDIES is London’s most progressive and visually electric sports social hybrid experience. Hidden under the iconic Battersea Power Station train arches the site provides a natural den to discover and immerse yourself in a combination of cool long drinks, fusion tacos and the craziest of crazy golf courses. 

Birdies - Exterior
Design by SHED, BIRDIES is London’s most progressive and visually electric sports social hybrid experience that includes the craziest of crazy golf courses

BIRDIES was never going to conform to the norm and its maverick yet surreal personality gave designer SHED permission to push the boundaries between reality and the surreal.

After a greeting at the door, players grab drinks & tacos to fuel themselves up for the forthcoming holes. The approach on each hole was to challenge, confuse, inspire simultaneously whilst adding a layer of golf ‘pun’ humor along the way.

Birdies - Hole 7 design
SHED designed Hole 7 as a Tetris-like extruded block with ‘trippy’ contrast floor patterns that deceive the natural clear line of the play

Each hole has a specific pun (intended!) golf-themed, not necessarily obvious to the player but present nevertheless. The appeal had to be widespread, not just to the Insta-snapping millenial, but to families, office co-workers, and parties alike.

The interior provides probably the most vibrant and visually interesting spaces of 2020. Players lose themselves in a kaleidoscope of colour, light, and music. Industrial materials juxtaposed with neon, plexiglass and bold graphic narrative give every hole both an identity but also real gameplay meaning. 

A riot of imagery to excite any player and guide them through 9 holes of crazy golf fun and laughs. 

Birdies - Hole 3 design
In Hole 3 of the golf course, SHED included a large chevron graphic twinned with ‘transition flash’ strip lights that makes this hole visually impactful for the player 
Birdies - Hole 8 design
SHED included an infinity mirror and repeated transition lights in the Hole 8 design creating an optical illusion with the hypnotic illumination and graphics
Birdies - Hole 9 design
For the design of Hole 9, SHED included an oversized roulette and velodrome style circle drop to illustrate the overall mood of the environment
Birdies - Hole 6 design
SHED referenced a classic golf course in Hole 6 and included decorations such as abstract colorful cacti to make it visually interesting
Birdies - Sweet spot bar
For Hole 2, SHED decided to design it as an oversized confectionery, creating an unexpected obstacle for the player