Minimal vibes and maximal pleasure at Kimpton Da An Hotel in Taipei

Centrally located yet out of the busy streets, Kimpton Da An Hotel brings a refreshing atmosphere of artistic modernity and Taiwanese heritage-inspired interiors

We were invited to live Kimpton Da An Hotel in first person: read through the words of Fabio Colturri, Head of Content at DesignWanted, to get a glimpse of this unique experience.

The concept for the hotel design was to create an interior sanctuary – an urban retreat that denies direct connection to outside offering respite from the bustling streets and alleys of Taipei.

The words of architects Neri&Hu perfectly outline the vibe of Kimpton Da An Hotel and its peaceful atmosphere.

Kimpton Da An hotel taipei - entrance
The entrance of Kimpton Da An Hotel is a gateway to a hideout from the busy streets of Taipei city – © Kimpton Da An Hotel

Opened in March 2019, the boutique hotel is part of InterContinental Hotels Group® (IHG®) and offers a finely tuned luxury experience since your first step in the lobby, where the staff guides you through a seamless and entertaining check-in process.

Inspired by Taipei’s alleyways, layers of architectural facades and the attitudes of the citizens, the designers put emphasis on keeping elements of old Taipei in this modern transformation.

Kimpton Da An hotel taipei - interior
The lobby of Kimpton Da An Hotel welcomes guests with a peaceful atmosphere – © Kimpton Da An Hotel

Built on what used to be an anonymous car park, Kimpton Hotel Da An presents a minimalistic aesthetics throughout its interiors with soft color tones to soothe tired international travelers.

For Shanghai-based studio Neri&Hu Architects, Kimpton Da An Hotel is the first project to be built in Taiwan. They describe it as an accomplished effort to present something unique both for guests and local people.

The interiors of the hotel offer a relaxing atmosphere through a choice of neat and modern furnishings: the careful and personalized assistance provided by the hotel personnel warms up the ultra minimalistic rooms generating a refined homely feeling. 

Taipei - interior2
Minimal lines throughout the furniture and interior details define the style of the hotel rooms – © Kimpton Da An Hotel

Each room is designed combining bold tones on a canvas of soft ones: an intense green wall characterizes the wall behind the bed, while the wooden furniture silently conversates with a black and soft rubber floor, right next to the bright white bathroom area.

The minimal yet classy mat surfaced metallic details of the rooms bring out an even more soothing and elegant appearance to the entire experience. As you make your way further to the bathrooms, the vertical and slick tiles meticulously placed from floor to ceiling greet you again. 

Kimpton Da An hotel taipei - lavatories
The spacious room toilets feature bright neat tiles and lab-like lavatories – © Kimpton Da An Hotel

Simple materials create an honest and visceral connection with the visitors: the lavatory furnishings are completely coated in a “rough” metallic finish with a lab-like appearance, balanced by the essential shapes and comprehensive set of complementary accessories.

Pushing the 12th button on the elevator brings you to the top floor of the building: you are now in The Tavernist.

The Tavernist is the restaurant and bar on the 12th floor of Kimpton Da An Hotel featuring a dark and intimate ambiance

Stronger colors contrast with the lower floors, this restaurant & bar is a celebration of the communal dining experience as an extension of the street life culture of Taipei. 

Various separations of areas can be divided by continuous enfilade walls creating a series of interconnected spaces to suit various social situations, from breakfast to dinner, cocktail nights and even private events.

dining room tavernist
The dining room of The Tavernist welcomes guests and visitors in a luxurious and warm interior space – © Kimpton Da An Hotel

Enfilade walls are lifted with wooded legs and detached from the existing building perimeter. Rich colors and metalwork pattern wallpapers on the walls are also inspired by the city lanes and pathways of Taipei.

“My stay at Kimpton Da An has purely pleasant. Sweets, fruits, water, treats, a signed postcard, a welcome note…Everywhere I turned in my room there was a little surprise that made those tiring working days in Taipei a little softer and sweeter.

Thank you, Kathryn Yen – PR & Partnership Manager at Kimpton Da An – for being so genuinely welcoming and ready to answer all my questions about the hotel!” – Fabio Colturri


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