BOLDR is redefining home heating with Kelvin, the dream of any interior designer

Kelvin allows users to turn down their thermostats without compromising on comfort

With the winter season on the horizon, the energy crisis is leaving many European homes anxiously waiting for the painful reality of the increasing heating bills and for the majority, the only real solution is to turn down the thermostat and prepare for a cold winter but BOLDR has other ideas.

BOLDR introduces Kelvin, an elegant infrared heater that allows users to turn down their thermostats without compromising on comfort.

Kelvin uses sustainable far infrared heating technology, which can keep your environment warm whilst using 30% less energy than traditional electric heaters.

Unlike other heaters, Kelvin is delivered with an included wireless smart thermostat that pairs with the BOLDR app and unlocks a range of convenient energy saving features.

Crafted with quality materials, such as ceramic tempered glass and brushed aluminium ensures longevity and a premium feel.

A heater you can proudly display rather than hide away. 

Kelvin Office Lifestyle _ BOLDR
Kelvin by BOLDR

The home heating landscape is changing.

Currently, over 50% of Europe’s homes are heated by gas, yet in the next 10 years, due to government regulations and clean energy initiatives, gas heating is set to be completely phased out by greener electric solutions.

BOLDR is on a mission to offer consumers an electric heating solution that is affordable, easy to install and at the same time helps consumers reduce energy consumption.

With a focus on design and smart home, Kelvin marries heating performance with minimalist home aesthetics. 


Kelvin is a connected heater and is supported by the BOLDR app, which gives users the tools to effectively manage their home climate, reduce energy consumption and live more sustainably.

The BOLDR is continuously updated with new features to improve user experience and extend further savings.

Thanks to constantly evolving software, your Kelvin improves with time. A better experience with every update.

Kelvin Kitchen _ BOLDR
Kelvin by BOLDR

Designed for simple and quick installation, Kelvin can be used as a primary source of heat or as a supplement to your existing home heating solution.

Whether you need to heat just the home office or your entire home, the modular nature of Kelvin means that the heaters can be scaled up or down to fit your needs.

This makes Kelvin a perfect fit for both homeowners and renters alike. 

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