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This sculpturally shaped side table serves as a book rack

Deniz Aktay crafts Bookgroove – a unique piece of furniture effortlessly enriching both classic and modern interiors.

Effortlessly enriching both classic and modern interiors – Germany-based designer Deniz Aktay innovatively crafts ‘Bookgroove’ – a multifunctional sculpturally shaped side table that also serves as an eye-catching book rack.

“During my studies and work experience – the detailed aspects of creating have been vital in my creative process. The more I focused on making furniture and objects, the more my enthusiasm grew!

Good design for me is finding the right harmony between material, proportion and functionality. Considering all these aspects – crafting a new piece is an interesting challenge every time!” says Aktay.

© Deniz Aktay

Minimalistic with a warm wooden Scandinavian aesthetic – this extraordinary book rack side table is cylindrical in shape brilliantly featuring a storage section to house one’s favorite books.

With its one-of-a kind eclectic compact form it doesn’t take much space and is an allrounder at once. 

“I came up with Bookgroove because I absolutely love pieces that embody more than one function and what I truly like in this design is its compactness!” he adds. 

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Bookgroove by Deniz Aktay
© Deniz Aktay

A long deep and beautifully curved groove cutout from a solid wood cylinder is the main feature of this hybrid piece of furniture.

The groove is skillfully curved to seamlessly highlight and emphasize the roundness of the cylindric main part – so it harmoniously fits in its overall shape and appears like it’s a constant movement.

“Its fully cylindrical shape can be restored by filling it up with one’s favorite books – inviting one not only to store books but also decorate the table with it. The books and wood become one once it’s fully loaded!” says Aktay.

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Bookgroove by Deniz Aktay
© Deniz Aktay


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