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CAKE is unwavering in its commitment to crafting electric off-road performance motorcycles that set the industry standard for quality and innovation. Our central mission is to not just inspire but to propel society toward a zero-emission future by advocating for the adoption of cutting-edge, advanced technological solutions that hasten the decline of combustion engines.

Our dedicated design, science, and tech teams, in collaboration with carefully selected partners, consistently push the boundaries of innovation across multiple facets, including design, culture, heritage, quality, performance, manufacturing, materials, processing, responsibility, opportunities, and precision.

We are staunch advocates of using existing, real-world technology with the most advanced solutions available today to drive the evolution of electric mobility. While we appreciate speculative future concepts, we refrain from presenting them as commercially available until they are truly accessible. At the core of our vehicles lies the CAKEcomponents, a select set of key elements that collectively elevate performance to new heights.

CAKE is a Swedish company born from a deep love for gravity sports and the visionary leadership of Stefan Ytterborn. With a track record of global success, including his tenure at POC and over three decades of influential work in design, product development, and communication, Ytterborn embarked on a mission with a clear objective: to craft high-quality performance products that would ignite a transition toward a zero-emission society, seamlessly blending excitement with responsibility.

With over 200 prestigious Innovation and Design awards, such as the Red Dot and IF Design Awards, CAKE’s accomplishments quietly but powerfully underscore the remarkable progress made in pursuit of our mission.

The principles of being light, quiet, and clean are not just descriptors; they form the foundation of our ethos, which materialized in January 2018 with the introduction of our inaugural model, Kalk.