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Brot has revolutionized the way people view food and furniture

A clever product designed to foster a conversation between the worlds of food and lighting design

Caterina Vianna and Ferran Gesa, the creators of Brot, have brought the essence of southern Europe to the north by incorporating light, shapes, and crafts into their design. This product, which is a lamp and a germinator, has revolutionized the way people view food and furniture.

This innovative product made its debut at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair in February 2019.

The device allows for the growth of sprouts, which can be used to make delicious salads, while also creating a warm and welcoming ambiance through its lamp function.

Brot _ Furniture for Food by Benditas (2)

Made from terracotta, Brot comprises of two elements: a vessel to hold the stainless steel tray with seeds and a screen that directs light towards the sprouts and the surrounding area.

The terracotta surface reflects the light, enhancing the growth of colorful sprouts and creating an environment where food and furniture communicate. With its simple and efficient design, Brot responds to the increasing interest in healthy eating by providing an easy and fast way to germinate seeds.

How Brot is made

A central container contains a tray made of stainless steel, designed for planting seeds. Adjacent to this, a screen strategically directs light towards both the emerging sprouts and the surrounding space.

The terracotta ceramic surface not only reflects this light but also radiates sufficient warmth, creating an optimal environment for the sprouts’ growth.

With its distinctive and captivating design, Brot confidently establishes its significance in addressing contemporary preoccupations regarding nutritious eating habits and a heightened consciousness of food provenance.

About Benditas studio

Based in Barcelona, Benditas is a design studio that prioritizes innovation in its work across product design, art direction, and design strategy.

Since its establishment in 2019, the studio has aimed to solve everyday problems by employing a holistic approach that interconnects knowledge, specialties, and sensitivities. At the helm of the studio are the award-winning designers Caterina Vianna and Ferran Gesa.


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