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Butler basin with a ceramic body and wooden hands for everything you need

Butler is a washbasin-supplied accessory that hark back to the ancient washbasins’ room

This Butler basin was designed by Flavio Scalzo, founder of the DiciannoveDieciDesign studio, working with the concept to transform traditional materials with technology, creating a new language, feelings, and sensations.

A freestanding washbasin “a faithful butler” of the purest form combines ease of use, functionality, and poetry, it is not limited to its mere use of the water tank, but it is also a tool that supports and provides you with everything that you need, doing to you to decide what and how you need them through original series of solid wood accessories: towel bars, tables, mirror, lamp, and coat hangers.

Butler basin by DiciannoveDieciDesign

Butler basin is versatile and stylish, not intrusive, adapts to the warm atmospheres and sophisticated environments optimizing space, performs those needs where you have it all within reach but with elegance the way you want it.

It is designed for those who want a washstand that absolves different functions and customization, for those who love the originality and design.

Butler is a washbasin-supplied accessory that hark back to the ancient washbasins’ room. Convenient for those who have space problems and approaches in any environment.

Butler basin by DiciannoveDieciDesign

The mind behind Butler basin

DiciannoveDieciDesign views “Made in Italy” as more than just a label – it’s a way of life. The brand places a strong emphasis on meticulous planning and research, striving to enhance all facets of design and fashion. At the core of DiciannoveDieciDesign’s philosophy lies the ambition to blend conventional materials with cutting-edge technology, giving rise to fresh languages, emotions, and experiences.

Moreover, the brand redefines industrial furniture by assigning diverse purposes and interpretations, harnessing the potency of communication to endure the test of time.


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