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This piece of furniture oozes with comfort for a serene state of mind

WENTZ crafts Canoa – an alluring lounge chair that rocks like the sea and beautifully evokes a calm feeling of being on water.

Deeply inspired by signs of nature as well as expressing Brazilian singularity through innovative design and attention to intricate detail, Brazil-based WENTZ crafts ‘Canoa’ – an alluring lounge chair that rocks like the sea and beautifully evokes a calm feeling of being on water. 

A one-of-kind furniture, lighting and accessories brand – “our objects express, in silence, a perspective on dwelling in which space has a different pace, both slower as well as calmer” says founder Guilherme Wentz.

Meticulous in their extraordinary creation process, from their choice of soothing colors to applied technology – their eclectic work harmoniously reflects a perfect balance between simplicity and functionality in every single piece.

Skillfully curved and sinuous, this stunning piece of furniture seamlessly features a cozy angle, where the body lies almost lying down, relaxed and drifting. 

“Its height allows the coming and going and the feet, close to the ground, provides firmness to the rhythm – like two oars, they give fluidity or pause to rest” Wentz adds. 

With a steel and warm wooden structure comprising elastic straps as well as foam – its aluminum and felt finishing on the bottom of the base further prevents fabric friction against the floor.

Additionally being completely upholstered by the brand’s WE-KNIT fabric, this rocking armchair’s softness is extreme and undeniably guarantees comfort. 

Committed to conscious consumption practices – “our 3rd generation of WE-KNIT, brings from 70% to 100% yarn from PET bottles from the oceans in its composition” says Wentz.

The collected bottles are treated and the plastic is then effortlessly transformed into yarn that is crushed and polymerized.

Its production brilliantly utilizes 3D technology to reduce seams and fabricate three-dimensional textures that adapt naturally to the finished products.


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