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A fascinating exploration in the simplicity of a circle – Meet U Bench

Perfectly suitable for indoors as well as outdoors, Christopher Stuart skillfully crafts an extraordinary U Bench.

Focusing on emotion as a function and looking for the expressiveness within today’s technology – American artist and designer based in Indiana, Christopher Stuart skillfully crafts an extraordinary ‘U Bench’ perfectly suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. 

“My personal work is simply inspired by and is an exploration of the undefined areas where art and design seamlessly intersect, further challenging the idea of function” says Stuart.

Being a reductive version of the original blackened steel U Bench – this innovative stunning piece of furniture further emphasizes its minimalism effortlessly. 

U Bench by Christopher Stuart
© Christopher Stuart

With a limited edition of 30 available exclusively through The Future Perfect, it brilliantly embraces the raw metal in the form of a new stainless steel edition.

This alluring geometric object features a hand bead blasted surface creating a fine matte texture, while retaining imperfect nuances of the hand processes.
Each section is first rolled from a sheet of steel to form a half circle – “the two parts are then further welded together with one round side up and one round side down, forming a complete circle when viewed directly from the side” Stuart adds.

© Christopher Stuart
© Christopher Stuart


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