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Embrace the rebellion: Bau – a refreshingly eccentric modular seating series

Blending striking aesthetics and Scandinavian modernism, Bau is a bold modular seating series you’ll want to get your hands on

Good seating can make all the difference, and Bau is the perfect example. The rebellious and unconventional modular seating series defies the norm with its daring curves and irresistibly plush lines. Created by Sweden-based design studio Note as part of Lammhults‘ product line, it challenges conventional ideas of right and wrong in design.

With Bau, the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer a solitary easy chair for a moment of solitude or want to get playful with creative seating configurations by combining multiple pieces, Bau has got you covered.

Bau modular seating by Note design studio for Lammhults

And it doesn’t stop there – the collection even includes a linking table that adds a touch of geometric edginess to Bau’s laid-back personality.

But Bau is more than just seating – it’s a statement. Breaking free from the rigidity of traditional modular systems found in workplaces and public spaces, Bau is refreshingly informal, softer, lower, and more eccentric. It’s a breath of fresh air, defying the status quo and inviting you to embrace a new way of sitting and lounging that’s anything but ordinary. 

Bau modular seating by Note design studio for Lammhults

As designer Malin Engvall notes, the goal was to create a furniture piece that has a unique character but, at the same time, sparks feelings of happiness and encourages creativity. Bau certainly encapsulates the distinctive style of Lammhults. It’s a perfect blend of vibrant pop aesthetics and sleek functionality of Scandinavian modernism.

Note design studio was born in 2008. It was created (official website) by Johannes Karlström and Cristiano Pigazzini in Stockholm. Now, it is known for pushing boundaries across diverse fields such as architecture, interiors, products, graphic design, and design strategy, and Bau is certainly no exception.

End notes

Soft. Eccentric. Vibrant. Functional. Bau really does tick all the boxes for good modular seating. Whether you decide to place it in your home or office space, it’s guaranteed to draw attention.


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