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Modular sofas that look and feel good: here 11 projects to know

Flexibility, longevity, and aesthetics: the best modular sofas on the market offer a feel of custom-made design

Often, sofas set the mood of the entire space and when chosen correctly, they can become the hero of your home; in order to do so, you must pick a piece that is timeless and versatile: this is where modular sofas come in.

Thanks to their flexible design and modern feel, they will look great in any space and offer better longevity. For these and other benefits, getting a modular sofa really is the smartest way to upgrade your space. Here is a round up of some of the best options available.

Worm by Clap Studio

First on our list is Worm by Clap Studio.

This eye-catching piece is a two years work of a Spanish furniture company, which is best recognized for its contemporary, slick designs, and the Worm is no exception.

The whimsical modular seating system can be changed in shape and size, so it will fit great in any space.

The sofa consists of three modules, each of which has an upholstered seat and internal structure. Its thin legs seem to resemble those of a millipede but are less frightening!

Worm _ 10 best-designed modular sofas that look and feel good

Modular sofa by Noah Living

The work of Berlin-based company Noah Living focuses on three things – durability, flexibility, and sustainability – so it is no surprise its modular sofa follows the same concepts too.

A prime example of a minimalist aesthetic, the product can be easily pieced together without needing any tools. 

When you purchase the company’s sofa, you’ll know it will be a long-term investment.

Even if parts of it are worn out or the fabric color changes, you can reorder it, so there is never the need to buy a new sofa. 

Noah Living _ 10 best-designed modular sofas that look and feel good
Noah Living

Voxel sofa by BIG

Imagine a sofa that could be arranged like pieces of LEGO. Voxel sofa offers just that!

The work of BIG and Common Seating was driven by the idea of reducing excessive human consumption.

By creating a modular sofa with grid-like patterns that gives a chance to assemble it in countless ways, they have managed to achieve this goal.

If one part is no longer usable, you can replace it, so there’s no need to order a new furniture piece.


Summit by Snøhetta

The pandemic changed our lives in more ways than one.

Due to long isolation, the need for socializing has grown immensely, so Snøhetta has created a social object that aims to facilitate open and less-prescribed sharing. 

The geometric building block system can be arranged in numerous ways to create the right dynamic for each scenario.

Comprising five modules, Summit can be used as both small and large installations, which makes the design so fun and playful.

Summit _ 10 best-designed modular sofas that look and feel good

Burger by Teixeira Design Studio

Minimalistic with a touch of warm Scandinavian aesthetic – this is how you can best describe the creation of Portugal-based design studio Teixeira.

Their “Burger” sofa is a conceptual exploration of how four cushions could be beautifully pushed through a unique belt made of two wooden bands. 

With the company’s sofa, you can avoid long hours of assembling furniture.

Burger” can be easily put together without using any screws, still, it’s surprisingly comfy!

Burger sofa _ 10 best-designed modular sofas that look and feel good

Chord Sofa by Part & Whole

Looking for a sofa that will draw attention?

This modular sofa comprises three elements – a corner section, a flat-back section, and a backless ottoman that can be freely configured to create customized seating. 

Designers Nathan Martell and Steve Suchy of Canadian brand Part & Whole created the low-profile sofa with quilted upholstery inspired by 1970s furniture design.

Combining  1970s design trends that are making a comeback and a modern approach to comfort and construction, the Chord Sofa is sure to impress all your guests.

Chord Sofa _ 10 best-designed modular sofas that look and feel good

Costume sofa system by Stefan Diez

Developing products that use materials in a responsible way is more important than ever.

The Costume modular sofa system – created from recyled and recyclable polyethylene and car industry waste – showcases that excellent furniture design can be made eco-consciously.

In fact, this sofa system requires much less foam in the manufacturing process compared to conventional sofas.

The Costume sofa includes just four different elements, which can be assembled in numerous different combinations.

Costume _ 10 best-designed modular sofas that look and feel good

RUT seating system by Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius 

Depending on your needs in a particular room, this RUT seating system can be calm and inviting or restrained and solemn. 

Relax on it in your lounge while you read a book, scroll through the internet, or chat with friends.

RUT is flexible – designers Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius created this sofa to provide long-lasting comfort.

Use the RUT planner to discover the seating system’s full potential in an easy way.

RUT seating system

Hunebed by Sander Mulder

One of the coolest modular sofas on the market is the design by Sander Mulder.

Hunebed looks like stones – and it can be rotated like them as well! Thankfully, the Netherlands-based company’s design is much more comfortable than what you see in nature.

Available in several different colors, the couch is made from a warm wooden and foam frame, plus steel connections.

Impressively, the stones can be moved in 360-degrees, so you can place them exactly as you wish.


Camaleonda Sofa by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia

While modular sofas seem like a modern invention, they date back already to 1944. One of the most famous designs is by B&B Italia.

The Camaleonda Sofa – a masterpiece of Italian architect Mario Bellini – was first sold in 1970, and to this day, it remains as iconic.

In 2020, the sofa was re-released, as Bellini gave it a contemporary look. The new edition has removable covers made from eco-friendly materials and spherical beech wood legs.

The modular sofa’s playful shape is suitable for all tastes, as it can bring something unique to any room.


mayday sofa by Favaretto & Partners

Mayday recalls hilly scenarios with its soft shapes marked by the seams along all its profiles, and with infinite possibilities of color combinations, the Mayday modular system can be easily placed in the most varied locations. Thanks to the different densities of polyurethane, the comfort of the seat is absolute.

Mayday by Favaretto & Partners
© Favaretto & Partners

Forget about generic and boring spaces. You are unique, and your sofa should be too. Rearrange these modules as often as you like and make your space reflect your individuality and style.


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