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DIEZ OFFICE specializes in the creation and advancement of everyday-use products, with a strong emphasis on harnessing the possibilities offered by the circular economy. Our approach is marked by innovation, driven by a blend of technical proficiency, instinctual insights, and an unwavering enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries through experimentation.

Stefan Diez, an industrial designer based in Munich, is renowned for his contributions to creating products that align with the principles of the circular economy. Since the establishment of his studio, DIEZ OFFICE, in 2002, Stefan has been at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of contemporary product development and manufacturing.

The studio’s expertise spans a diverse range of categories, including furniture, lighting, architectural elements, and accessories, and it blends technical proficiency, creative exploration, and a steadfast dedication to sustainability in its work. Stefan’s design philosophy is encapsulated in his 10 Circular Design Guidelines, a comprehensive set of principles that serve as a blueprint for crafting commercially successful products that are both environmentally and socially responsible. Collectively, these guidelines illustrate how design has the potential to drive meaningful change across various industries and society as a whole.