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A touch of nature: well-designed pebble furniture and lighting

Add these pebble-inspired designs to your space to achieve a natural elegance and a sense of peace and calmness

Over the last few years, biophilic design has become more popular as people strive to get closer to nature. One of the easiest ways to embrace the modern-day trend is to add nature-inspired furniture to your space. In this article, we’ve selected five awesome pebble furniture and lighting designs that will give you a pure sense of intimacy and serenity. 

1. Slow by Maximilian Beck

The German-based designer, Maximilian Beck, created this special furniture inspired by the shapes of nature. His design projects aim to develop sustainable and collectible items for living spaces. This special selection of tables and stools refer to a pile of pebbles that have been naturally smoothened.

When you look at Maximilian’s work, it evokes a sense of tranquility and deceleration that distinguishes it sharply from the fast-paced world of today. This adds a new dimension to the idea of “slow furniture”. His efforts are driven by a desire to build an appreciation towards traditional crafts.

According to the designer, finding new color options and getting a general idea of how the space works help generate elegance. 

Slow by Maximilian Beck - pebble furniture and lighting
Slow by Maximilian Beck / Pebble furniture and lighting

2. Modular couch ‘Hunebed’ by Sander Mulder 

Next on our list is this eye-catching modular couch – the stone-shaped Hunebed – designed by Sander Mulder and manufactured by Studio Sander Mulder. The project consists of individual stones that can be stacked and rotated to create the ideal seating arrangement. 

Following Sander’s vision, the stones have a 360-degree range of motion. Thanks to the highly customized design, a person can experience unique seating, which changes the whole concept of waiting and working in a business environment. While this particular project works particularly well in public areas, it can also be a unique addition to private spaces.

The stones of the Hunebed can be used as planters, armrests, privacy screens, and backrests. With his design, Sander Mulder brings us closer to nature.

Modular couch ‘Hunebed’ by Sander Mulder / Pebble furniture and lighting

3. Livingstones by Smarin 

These high-quality surrealist sets of cushions that mirror pebbles are named ‘Livingstones’ and were created by the French design studio Smarin. The studio attempts to bring nature into the home with the idea of biophilic design that emphasizes naturalistic tendencies.

The French company offers users a selection of cushions in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can easily find options that fit your living space the best. These smartly-designed cushions are made of virgin wool, hypoallergenic polysilicon fiber, and polyurethane Bultex foam.  

What’s cool about Livingstones is the fact they enable users to construct ‘instant’ rest areas. As you can see in the photo, the pebble furniture can turn any room into a natural setting.

Livingstones by Smarin - pebble furniture and lighting
Livingstones by Smarin / Pebble furniture and lighting

4. Zero Space by Hisae Igarashi   

Pebble-like design can be a great addition to public areas. An excellent example of this is Zero Space by Igarashi Design Studio at Musashino Art University, Japan. The area with pebble-like seats in pastel hues serves as a flow path for many students. This beautiful project won the JID Award 2019 for the Interior space division and the Good Design Award in 2019. Impressive, isn’t it?

The area of Zero Space has four entrances on each side: north, east, south, and west.  Glass windows measure 35 meters in length from east to west.  To put it another way, it’s a glazed showcase area. The layout of the bench seats is carefully planned to block the central flow.

The principal architect Hisae Igarashi’s beautiful river-like structure allows the students to relax in the vicinity. It serves as a reminder that this is a place where they belong. The students can use it for various purposes, so it is also practical. 

Zero Space by Hisae Igarashi  - pebble furniture and lighting
Zero Space by Hisae Igarashi / Pebble furniture and lighting

5. The Remy by Joffey

The simple yet elegant design of Remy has a unique take on pebble lighting. This stone-shaped structure is a minimalistic reinterpretation of balancing rock towers. Joffey‘s smartly-designed nature-inspired nightlamp offers comfort and great looks – a combination that never disappoints.

The Remy by Joffey / Pebble furniture and lighting

End notes

These are just a few of the many creative, stylish designs that are inspired by the shapes of pebbles. Such unique pieces of artwork will augment reality with a surreal ‎touch of mother nature. As the biophilic design is gaining more traction, there’s no doubt will see pebbles not just in private but also in public spaces.


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