Furniture design

This industrial furniture highlights classic construction materials and techniques

Beomseok Chae incorporates steel beams and scaffolding to create Construction furniture collection.

The Korean designer describes the collection as a ‘microscopic observation of architecture’ with objects informed by the materials and processes that go into architecture.

The relationship between furniture and architecture inspired Beomseok Chae’s Construction collection, a striking series incorporating steel beams, scaffold debris netting and sheets of polycarbonate.

The Construction furniture collection by Beomseok Chae _ Chair & Library
© Beomseok Chae

Each piece is the product of Chae scaling down different elements of construction including those used to intersect, build and connect various structures. 

The final collection comprises four pieces: the beam stool, the scaffolding bench, the polycarbonate chair and the polycarbonate shelf.

The stool utilizes the basic structure of a building in which two steel beams support the weight of one person.

© Beomseok Chae

Meanwhile, two steel beams joined together with components typical of scaffolding and wrapped in safety netting form the bench stool.

Finally, the chair and shelf are composed of double-layered polycarbonate plates with aluminum finishing on the joints connected by simple screws.

© Beomseok Chae

Construction furniture: an ode to architecture

“[The furniture] reminds us of the site of the construction process,” explains Chae.

“A large steel beam rises at the construction site where soil dust blows, and the image of construction engineers carrying something comes to mind.

These structures and elements in the construction site are very familiar to us, natural, and we face them several times a day, but we pass by them.”

The Construction furniture collection by Beomseok Chae _ Sketches
The Construction furniture collection by © Beomseok Chae
© Beomseok Chae
The Construction furniture collection by Beomseok Chae _ Building structure
© Beomseok Chae
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