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Note Editions has launched Mallow, its first special-edition signature product

Note Design Studio has launched its first online platform called Note Editions providing free access to its latest special-edition furniture designs.

On Friday 26 June, was introduced Note Editions: an online platform built to establish a connection between the studio and users, providing direct access to special-edition and early releases of its latest designs.

Note Editions will allow people to order special signature editions of selected products at the moment they launch – and, for the first time, give Note a channel through which to speak and sell directly to its audience.

Note edition - Front view
Mallow lounge chair is the first inaugural piece of Note Editions

Note Editions has been conceived in response to the widespread cancellation of international design festivals caused by the coronavirus pandemic. With Milan off the calendar, Note Design Studio and the Danish furniture brand Labofa had nowhere to introduce the design world and the public to their bold and cheeky new chair family, Mallow. We decided to create our own online platform.

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Note edition - Designers
Note Editions is the first digital design fair and online shop that will showcase limited edition products

Note Editions is a single-product digital design fair and online shop that gives the public opportunity to buy a new design from the moment it’s released – rather than waiting months for it to make its way through the producer’s manufacture and distribution network.

“Is this the right move? Who knows? It’s something very different for us as a studio, and that sense of risk and discovery is important in everything we do. After the strangeness of the pandemic, we felt the need to move, rethink, and explore new possibilities. Everything started with a question of how other approaches might be necessary. We had long wanted our new collaborations to be more readily available. By launching Note Editions, we can now speak to everyone at the same time.” Said Cristiano Pigazzini the Design Manager and Founder.

Note edition - Mallow
Mallow is a lounge chair created by the collaboration between Labofa and Note Design Studio

Inspired by the approach taken by sport and fashion brands, where exclusive designs with special features, finishes or branding are launched to the market for a limited time, every product showcased on Note Editions will include a unique element, such as a special-edition fabric or colour, and be supplied with a distinctive Note Editions tag

Orders can be placed at, and the product will be dispatched directly from the manufacturer, with the Note team handling all aspects of the sale, the delivery and the customer relationship. Those ordering within Sweden can expect their Note Edition to arrive within a couple of weeks; international shipping will be available but subject to the customs legislation of individual countries.

Note edition - Tag detail
Every product from Note Editions will be supplied with the distinctive Note Edition tag

The inaugural Edition is a lounge chair from the Mallow family that Note designed in its first collaboration with Danish furniture brand Labofa. Plush, playful and inviting, the chair is formed from an arrangement of rounded forms that resemble a plush pile of marshmallows – and are every bit as enticing. 

Alongside its fun and floaty yet sophisticated aesthetic, the design of Mallow prioritizes comfort and indulgence. Soft and generous, the back and armrests have a satisfying ‘give’ to them as you sit, moulding to the contours of the body, and the base is engineered to swivel or spin as you desire.

Note edition - Close up
For this special version they had used a tactile special-edition fabric from Kvadrat’s Moss collection

This version of the lounge chair is uniquely upholstered in a tactile special-edition fabric from Kvadrat’s Moss collection, selected by Note for the Editions platform. 

The chair will be available to order exclusively from Note Editions starting Friday 26 of June. Other fabric finishes and its sibling designs (the Mallow sofa and smaller Mallow club chair) will be available later, as normal, via Labofa’s distribution network.

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Note edition - Designers
Mallow lounge chair is formed from an arrangement of rounded forms that resemble a plush pile of marshmallows

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