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Unfolding a story influenced by Mediterranean roots

Nadine Hajjar crafts Coralis – a collection of side tables inspired by corals but given its own innovative expressive character.

Skillfully creating a universe to bring comfort into one’s home, Montreal-based Nadine Hajjar beautifully crafts ‘Coralis’ – an alluring collection of side tables inspired by corals but given its own innovative expressive character.

Brilliantly specializing in furniture and industrial design – “with my natural affinity to objects – their shape, texture and function – I shape wood into useful products meant to inspire one’s everyday.  

Every object I create tells a story, be it through its design, purpose or simply its interaction with light. 

I infuse my creations with lyricism and humor that one can perceive in any direction through organic, clean and gentle lines that adds softness to any space”  says Nadine Hajjar. 

© Richere Trudeau

Subtitled Mémoires d’outre-mer, Memories of Overseas – Coralis is influenced by Hajjar’s Mediterranean origins and her childhood in Beirut.

“Imagination is not given, nor is it acquired – it’s experienced and mine’s deeply rooted in my childhood in Beirut and was broadened throughout my adventures abroad” Hajjar adds.

The eclectic six tables in this stunning collection have bases inspired by the shape of coral and carved out of white ash wood seamlessly blurring the line between mineral and animal aesthetics.

“Just like their cousins from another sea, the Coralis like company and want nothing else but to feel useful.

They prefer a sunny spot and love making friends with animals, objects and plants alike, lifting those that need it, towards warmer lights” she says. 

Some pieces are bolder than others but all share a minimalistic quiet soothing presence – effortlessly expressed through their earthy tones. 

These extraordinary tables range in design from the delicate-looking Amalgame to the more solid and relaxed Soupire.

“The Coralis are curious beings, some more than others – they use their tentacles to peek through the thin metal sheet that symbolizes the sea line, they like a good view but are quick to get bored. 
One can rotate them between seasons and watch them interact with light as they reveal mystical silhouettes and spread playful shadows” she adds.

© Richere Trudeau
Coralis by Nadine Hajjar
© Richere Trudeau


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