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Lamitex contest launched to create Milano Design Week exhibition in 2021

Laminates specialist Lamitex has launched a competition to design a concept that showcases the company’s unique products

The Lamitex Design Challenge calls for designers to propose new and different conceptual approaches that could best express the beauty of the brand’s decorative surfaces

The winning proposal will give its author the opportunity of having their proposal realized within the Lamitex exhibiting space during Milano Design Week 2021 at Isola Design District. Lamitex will also provide a dedicated space where the winner will have the chance to create a personal exhibition during the event.

Lamitex decorative surfaces
Lamitex is an Italian company leader in the creation of decorative laminates

As a leader in the creation of decorative laminates, Lamitex focuses on innovation, visual appeal and eco-sustainability. Combining environmentally-friendly technologies and aesthetic creativity, its products are the perfect example of Italian excellence in interior design. 

Founded in 2001, Lamitex started out as a research and development company in the field of resins and coatings. Its experimental approach, which it still champions today, is the reason that led Lamitex to the production of its own products. Using its expertise, Lamitex saw an opportunity to create decorative surfaces that built on the unique quality of the technology it had developed.

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Innovation and eco-sustainability
Their focus is on innovation, visual appeal and eco-sustainability

Alongside the development of these technologies, in recent years Lamitex has spearheaded a revolution in the field of new materials. Its main technology named CLPL®, which Lamitex developed in 2004, grants surfaces a realistic natural look thanks to a synchronized pore making it easier to recreate the lifelike grain of wood as well as the texture of metals, stones and types of cement. 

Lamitex knows first-hand the importance of production methodologies and investment into new technologies which help safeguard the environment. Every product is recyclable and free from pollutants such phenols and solvents and does not contain any added formaldehyde. Lamitex values the qualities found in raw materials, Made in Italy production, exclusive patents and an ever-growing range of products.

Lamitex decorative surfaces
Lamitex decors are designed with highly innovative features both from a technical and aesthetic point of view

The Lamitex Design Challenge invites participants to submit their proposal for an exhibition to be held during Milano Design Week 2021. Proposals should represent Lamitex and the combination of environmental sustainability and beauty in decorative surfaces for which the company is known for. 

The only requirement is that the exhibition can be built within a cubic volume of 3 meters each side. Entries should also take into account the multiple formats of Lamitex products, which are available in sheets, rolls or faced panels. Beyond that, participants are encouraged to be as creative as possible. 

Lamitex is about eco-friendly innovation
Lamitex products have a realistic look thanks to a synchronized pore that makes it easier to recreate life-like grains

Designers are encouraged to rethink spatial organisation and incorporate unique aesthetics, new technologies, and innovative materials that will make the micro home an entirely new form of architecture. The jury will favour sustainable designs and those projects that look to solve economic, social, and cultural problems through the establishment of new architectural methods.

The winning proposal will give its author the opportunity to have their concept realized during Milano Design Week at Isola Design District, a platform dedicated to international designers and design studios, with a focus on innovation, sustainability and biomaterials. In addition, on the same occasion, a dedicated exclusive space will be provided (5 sqm) organized by the promoting company, where the winner will have the possibility to create a personal own exhibition. 

Materials palette brown
The winner of the Lamitex contest will have the opportunity to have a personal exhibition at Milano Design Week 2021

There are no geographical limits or restrictions as regards to entrants and participation is completely free of charge. The Lamitex Design Challenge is open to architects, planners, art directors, designers and, in general, anyone who feels able to create and submit a project consistent with the brief, so to reinterpret their decorative surfaces. 

And don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the unique qualities of the Lamitex collection! Participants who register by the 10th of January will receive a free Sample Kit, including a set of Lamitex product sheets.


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