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Dedar’s unique and timeless allure transcends the realm of mere textiles

The new collection sparks creativity with a combination of ideas that include both familiar paths and unexpected directions, notable for its commitment to exploring a wide range of themes.

Established in 1976, Dedar is a family-owned fabric house that embodies a distinctive style through its avant-garde contemporary collections. Their fabrics are renowned for their captivating color palettes and unexpected patterns, blending precious yarns with cutting-edge fiber technology research to provide a diverse range of solutions for curtains, upholstery, and wall coverings that exude timeless elegance.

The importance of fabrics lies in their ability to tell a story – a narrative woven into every thread and imbued with the spirit of their makers. Their appeal, on the other hand, lies in their individuality and the sense of authenticity they exude. For this reason, Dedar’s unique and timeless allure transcends the realm of mere textiles.

Dedar fabrics _ new collection 2024
Jamu Jungle, Contemporary Archives – © Dedar

In recent years, the company has undertaken a strategic initiative to incorporate sustainable development considerations into its decisions, processes, and corporate objectives, resulting in the publication of its inaugural Sustainability Report, which is available for download in the “Social Responsibility” section of the website.

A few days ago, we had the opportunity to explore their showroom located in the renowned Brera district of Milan as they unveiled their latest collection. The magical formula for the entire collection is a combination of knowledge and curiosity for textile archetypes; a desire to capture radically new insights; a rare craftsmanship that allows ideas to become fabric.

Dedar – Here are some sneak peeks from the presentation:

Plain Classics

For the Plain Classics, there’s a select range of unparalleled quality velvets. Two incredibly soft alpacas and a cotton with an intense and luminous quality like no other: three materials of great elegance that promise pleasure and sumptuous beauty.

Alpaca Alto, Plain Classics – © Dedar


The exploration of Texturologie remains centered on light or natural tones but introduces some bolder color accents. Pronounced speckles recall the vibrant essence of the natural world: tree barks, an undergrowth of moss and lichens, rocks, and even evocations of the animal kingdom.

On another front, a journey into “Modern Crafts” delves into processes, textile experiences, and artisanal vocations: from textured curtains where transparency takes new forms to voluptuous seating fabrics.

Dedar fabrics _ new collection 2024
Nevicava, Texturologie – © Dedar

Contemporary Archives

The Contemporary Archives, perched between classic and contemporary, forge new paths but also closely examine certain familiar inspirations that have ignited passions. Emotion, light, occasionally opulent elegance, reinvention of classic motifs, the art of jacquard: the journey weaves through various facets of timeless tiger stripes and soft, enigmatic labyrinths; it passes through tailoring geometries, ornamented works akin to goldsmith workshops, and abstract reinterpretations of the Japanese figurative canon.

Dimodong, Contemporary Archives – © Dedar

The thread of the Contemporary Archives dedicated to the nuances of an alleged non-color, which is, in fact, the origin and compendium of all others, continues to grow: the White Writings, an immersion of strong artistic expression into the most textured and striped white.

Within the Contemporary Archives, several new flame-retardant fabrics emerge: with special attention to the bicolor theme but, above all, with a distinct couture imprint.


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